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Edelstein, which is located right by Chillicothe is the best photo spot, (in my own opinion), as far as convenience to the Chillicothe Depot goes. (When I go to Chillicothe, I usually spend a few nights at the Chillicothe Depot because it's busy, kind of lighted and located just down the street from the Chillicothe Police Department.
Although Edelstein hardly makes it onto the map, there are several places to take good pictures in Edelstein. There's the Edelstein Bridge, the "Pig-Shit Crossing" and several other places between the bridge and the P.S.X. (The reason for the name "Pig-Shit Crossing"is because at this crossing, there's a pig farm up the road, and on a day when the wind's blowing in a southern direction, it smells like crap.)