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-I'm a Junior at Campbell County High School. 

-Been railfaning for only a year an a half. 

-Although I live in Northern Kentucky, (righ outiside of Cincinnati, Ohio), I've decided to make a website based on the Chillicothee Subdivision, but it will also run in conjunction with a Norfolk Southern section of the site. 

-Since this site was started on April 20th, 2000 I have had no previous web-building experiences. 

-I am trying to teach myself HTML, QBASIC and C++Visual all at the same time. (So far though, the only thing  I understand is HTML and QBASIC. 

-I'm learning how to do most of this stuff from other people, escpecially Jeff Horstman, whom has an excellent Norfolk Southern website on the CNOTP 1st Division. So, for that reason, I would be more than happy to recieve your email telling me what you like, dislike, would like to see or to contribute anything. (If you send pics, make sure to send your name and any applicable website so that I can add that to your photo when I add it.)

-I listen to all types of music, but my favorites have to be Metallica, 2Pac, Alice 'N Chains and DMX.

-Currently, I am modeling the BNSF as prototypically as I can. (Modeling BNSF up to 1997.)

-Email me


-I am a Junior at St. Xavier High School.

-I've been railfanning for approximately six years.

-Currently, I'm a prototype modelers of the BNSF, modern day.

-I play the guitar and I'd have to say that my favorite band is Metallica.


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