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TrainFestival 2009 Day 1 Little River 110 Trip and around the grounds 7/24/2009 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler


As you walked into Trainfestival 2009 the first thing you saw was the Southern F unit 6133 from the North Carolina Transportation Museum. You could smell steam in the air as you walked in.

Ann Arbor Railroad box car 1314.

Pure Oil Company Tank Car POX 2124.

Ann Arbor Railroad Caboose 2938.

Nickel Plate Railroad 2-8-4 765.

Pere Marquette Railroad 2-8-4 1225.

Scene of the large crowd and steam engines.

Little River Railroad 0-4-0 1.

Flagg Coal Company 0-4-0 75 was steaming around the grounds on its track.

Viscose Company 0-4-0 6.

Huron Eastern 9712.

Flagg Coal Company 0-4-0 75 moving about.

Pere Marquette Railroad Caboose A909.

The Leviathan 4-4-0 63.

As per with history this brand newly built steam engine has its name on its cab.

Great Lake Central 391.

Inside the Owosso Roundhouse.

On the tracks outside the Roundhouse.

A railroad crane.

Another railroad car.

Scene on the grounds of TrainFestival 2009.

Inside a tent were many kinds of model railroads.

There was an area of live steam trains that operated and gave rides.

A view of the grounds,

In another tent were the vendors and here is Matt and Randy at the Depot Inn & Suites/Train Party/ Silver Rail Resort Table.

Pere Marquette 1225 which developed a boiler tube problem and would not be pulling our trip tomorrow.

Always looking good the Southern Pacific 4449. With the pictures done, I looked around the Vendors Tent and visited with Steve Barry of Railfan and Railroading Magazine. Matt, Randy and I then left TrainFestival 2009 and headed to Durand.


There is a railroad display that includes this Grand Trunk Western Railroad 8872.

There is a Railroad Crossing Tower here.

Grand Trunk Western Railroad 4-6-2 5632. Next we drove to a location across from the Durand Station.

Grand Trunk Railroad Caboose 75003.

The beautiful Durand Station.

A Great Lake Central Excursion Train showed up while we were there. Back in Flint, I went to the Lone Star with Keith Schmidt and his friend for an excellent steak dinner before I worked on stories to late in the night.