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Union Pacific 844 Chase Yuma to West Colton 11/17/2011 Part 1

by Chris Guenzler

Bob Riskie had contacted Chris Parker and I about chasing the Union Pacific 844 from Yuma to West Colton on November 17, 2011. Chris got us a room with three beds in Yuma and Bob would do all the driving on this trip.

11/16/2011 I worked an earlier shift and got home to in time for Bob and Chris to pick me up and off we went. We drove up Interstate 5 to CA 57 to CA 91 then out CA 60 to Interstate 10. We paused for some gas in Indio then took CA 111 along the Salton Sea.

The Salton Sea. We ran along this to Bertram siding where we found a train with an old friend.

The Union Pacific 7875 west at Bertram.

Union Pacific 2002 one of the two Salt Lake City Olympic Units. It then got dark as we continued south on CA 111 to south of Niland where we went east on East Mcdonald Road then south on Wiest Road which took us to CA 115 which took us to Interstate 8 which we took into Yuma. First we gassed up the car before we went and found the Union Pacific 844 in Yuma for some night photography.

The Union Pacific 844 at rest at Yuma.

Two rear views of the Union Pacific 844.

One last shot of the Union Pacific 844 sleeping under the stars. Here we met our old friend Tony Escarega who was also down doing some night photography. Tony then joined us for some night photography of rail sites around Yuma.

Southern Pacific 2-8-0 2521 is on display in Yuma near the display for the original bridge across the Colorado River in Yuma.

Four views of the Southern Pacific 2-8-0 2521.

Part of the display in Yuma is near the original bridge across the Colorado River in Yuma. From here we went over to where the old Yuma Train was now on display. The old Yuma Train was the Yuma Valley Railway, which was a joint operation between the Yuma Live Steamers and the Yuma Chapter of the NRHS.

The display site looks really nice all lit up.

The front of the display train

Engine 3.

Fugitive Snowbird 2921.

Waldo E Forster 2931.

Jersey Lilli 644. From here we went to the Mad Chef where I had a Hot Dog and fries which hit the spot. We said good night to Tony before we drove to the Rega Lodge for the night.

Part II