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Amtrak's Operation Lifesaver Locomotive 457 9/26/2011

by Chris Guenzler

On its Pacific Surfliner line, Amtrak has a new Operation Lifesaver locomotive, F59PHI 457. I saw it pass me during my Metrolink ride on September 25th, 2011 on Pacific Surfliner 774. The following day, I saw it on Pacific Surfliner 567 as I was on my way to Solana Beach on Pacific Surfliner 564.

That afternoon Winston Walker, his daughter Christy and I drove to Fullerton and knowing that it should be on Pacific Surfliner 578, we bought our $7 Metrolink day passes then crossed the pedestrian bridge to catch that train, which arrived a few minutes early.

I started my picture-taking with Amtrak P42 62 and F59PHI 457 on the point of our train.

These two views show the "Save Off Stay Alive" on the nose of the unit.

The hands are indicative of something but I do not know the details.

The slogan is "Be Track Smart. Tragedies Touch All Of Us." I reboarded and we left Fullerton then at Irvine, our conductor gave me permission to photograph the locomotive at Irvine if I was quick.

I reboarded and detrained at San Juan Capistrano for more pictures.

A closer view of the slogan "Be Track Smart. Tragedies Touch All Of Us."

The emblems of Caltrans, Amtrak California, Union Pacific, BNSF, Operation Lifesaver and Capitol Corridor.

"Stay Off, Stay Alive" is on the nose.

Pacific Surfliner 578 on its way south to San Diego as we waited for Metrolink 641 to return us to Fullerton and our Train Travel Meetup Group there that evening. After the gathering, Winston, Christy and drove to our respective homes.