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A morning at Buena Park and the Martina McBride Special Train 10/10/2011

by Chris Guenzler

While aboard Metrolink 660 on my way home last night, I saw the Martina McBride special train in the shed at 8th Street in Los Angeles. I checked and learned it would be leaving sometime after 6:00 AM so set my alarm and arose early before driving to the Santa Ana station and buying a Metrolink Orange County day pass. I took Metrolink 601 to Buena Park where I detrained hoping to catch that special train there this morning.

The view off the stairs on the south side of the station.

I started my picture-taking with Buena Park station early this morning.

Metrolink 700 came and went.

That was followed by Metrolink 701.

Next, a BNSF freight went east through Buena Park.

Pacific Surfliner 562 flew through the station this morning.

Station scene.

Metrolink 603 was next.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief, running only 12 minutes late, would arrive early at Los Angeles this morning.

Metrolink 702 arrived next. Then sunrise occurred.

Sunsrise this morning.

Metrolink 683 was the followingtrain.

The commuter runs continued, this time it was Metrolink 682.

Northbound Metrolink 605 did its station work and departed.

A BNSF westbound was the second freight of this morning.

The Martina McBride special train came flying through next. To promote the release of her 11th studio album and being declared by Mediabase and Broadcast Data Systems as the "most played female artist on country radio for the past 11 years", Martina's rail tour includes 11 stops in the four day cross-country rail journey at Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Newton, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. The partnership with Martina McBride is another great step in the evolution of Amtrak's entertainment marketing initiatives-reaching millions of potential travelers and engaging them around their passion points.

Another northbound Metrolink 703 arrived at the station.

Pacific Surfliner 564 bound for San Diego came through next.

Metrolink 607 arrived and departed, followed by Metrolink 600, which picked me up and returned me to Santa Ana.