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Metrolink Holiday Toy Express 2011 at Tustin 11/19/2011

by Chris Guenzler

After a fantastic trip chasing Union Pacific 844, I drove over to the Tustin Metrolink station, parked on the north side then walked down the path of the wye track on which I once had ridden. This was the first time in three years that I had the opportunity to photograph Metrolink's Holiday Toy Express Train as it had been rained out those years.

I made my way to the north platform where I saw the signs were saying "The Metrolink Holiday Train will arrive at this station at 7:01 PM Tonight". It should have said 7:00 PM.

The scenes as I waited.

Metrolink's Holiday Toy Train Express arrived at Tustin this evening. Now I will show you the lights on this unique train.

The Metrolink caboose.

The Metrolink flat car.

The Metrolink stage car.

The Metrolink passenger car.

The Metrolink engine.

Another view of the train.

Scenes from the show. I walked over and under the tracks to the show-viewing side of the station.

The crowd was enjoying the show. I decided to see the view from the new parking structure.

The crowd from the third level.

From the fourth level.

Now the views from the top level.

Two views of the Metrolink coach.

Metrolink 856.

The whole train from the top level.

One last view of the stage car from the top level, after which a tired Chris returned home after a great day of railroading.