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Needles Sub Trip Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

3/20/2011 Bill Compton and I got up at 5:45 AM and following morning duties then checking out we went to McDonald's where I had Hot Cakes and sausage. After that we headed back to the US 95 crossing and hoped for better luck this morning.

BNSF 4883 East near Homer.

Finally a green westbound signal.

BNSF 7593 West near Homer.

BNSF 7593 West being followed towards Goffs.

BNSF 7593 West at Homer.

BNSF 7909 East at Homer.

Unknown train following the BNSF 7909 East between Goffs and Homer.

BNSF 7583 East at East Goffs.

BNSF 7593 West at East Goffs.

The two trains meeting at East Goffs. After BNSF 7583 East left we headed straight to Amboy.

BNSF 5290 East at West Amboy. We continued west.

BNSF 7357 East nearing Bagdad.

BNSF 7516 West at West Siberia.

BNSF 7516 West climbing the grade on Ash Hill.

BNSF 7516 West at East Pisgah. From here we drove to Daggett. The railroad was down to a single track between Daggett and Newberry Springs today for track work on the south track. There was a Union Pacific train waiting to enter the BNSF mainline at Daggett.

BNSF 7516 West at Daggett.

BNSF 1092 East at Daggett. Next we will go see that Union Pacific train.

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