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National Train Day 2011 Los Angeles 5/7/2011

by Chris Guenzler

It was another day of me still recovering from my bruised rib but nothing was going to stop me going to National Train Day 2011. I had got a noon ticket to go through the equipment display so after my morning chores, I got going driving down to the Santa Ana Train Station and parking my Geo Metro. I went inside the station to take care of a future ticketing issue but the agent there had a sign that said "Back in 30 Minutes". I then spotted the agent out doing baggage. Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana before it left for Los Angeles. Soon I saw a headlight coming and waited for it to arrive.

Surfliner 564 pulled into Santa Ana to take me south to Irvine.

Excellent Conductor Victor D'Agostino II welcomed me aboard. I rode the 9.8 miles down to Irvine where I got off and took care of my ticketing there. It was unique for this agent selling me a Jefferson City to Kansas City ticket. I met Cathy and Mary Standfill and we took the elevators over to Track 1 and waited for Surfliner 565. I had picked up my new Amtrak National Timetable and looked through it as I waited.

Surfliner 565 pulled into Irvine.

The extremely friendly Conductor CJ welcomed us aboard. I took a four seater in the cab car then called Carl Morrison to tell him where to find me when we arrived into Fullerton. The train went through the Tustin Quiet Zone at the city's single grade crossing at Red Hill before we stopped at Santa Ana. I turned in a ticket for Triple Guest Reward Points starting today as the train stopped at Orange, Anaheim and Fullerton. There Carl, his son, Matt and Don Stock joined me for the trip to Los Angeles. There was plenty of train fans aboard our train which arrived into LAUPT early this morning. I got off and headed straight to the train displays on Track 11 and 12. I walked down the sidewalk to the end of the private car display to start my picture taking here in Los Angeles.

The Silver Solarium Dome Observation .

The Silver Rapids Sleeper.

The Silver Lariat Dome/Coach.

The Virginia City Observation Car.

The Montana Observation Car.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 was on display at National Train Day Los Angeles 2011.

On one end of the equipment on Track 11 had Metrolink 878. I walked over to Track 9 to get pictures of the modern railroad equipment.

My pictures had to wait until the Coast Starlight left at 10:15 AM on time for Seattle.

Superliner Arcade Coach 34512.

Superliner Lounge 33015.

Superliner Diner 38040.

Pacific Parlour Car Sonoma Valley 39974.

Superliner Sleeper 32068.

California Dining/Cafe Car Salinas Valley 8806.

Pacific Surfliner Business Class Car 6805.

Metrolink Rotem Guardian Cab Car 647.

Metrolink 878.

The line of equipment was blocked by the Surfliner Protect Engine stationed here at LAUPT. Walking down the Track 10 platform I found Chris Parker. We walked over to the switcher display.

Union Pacific 3G321B 2739.

Pacific Harbor Line 81.

Union Pacific 3G321B 2739 and Pacific Harbor Line 81.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 crew.

The tender of the Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

I was done here and on Track 6 was Surfliner 572 with the Silver Splendor Dome/Coach on its tail end. From here I headed down into the station and out into the south patio to see what I could find at National Train Day 2011 in Los Angeles.

Discover the Rails Sweepstake Tables.

Amtrak Police had a table.

The Pacific Railroad Society Table.

RailPac had a table.

California High Speed Rail Table.

California Operation Lifesaver Table.

Siemens Table.

Cirque Du Soleil Iris Table.

The Depot Inn & Suites Table.

East Meets West Chinese Contributors to American Railroads.

San Luis Obispo Car Free Table.

Trails and Rails Table.

Fillmore & Western Railway Table.

Los Angeles Convention and Visitor Bureau Table.

Santa Barbara Car Free Table.

The OCTA Table.

Anaheim and Battle of the Dance Table.

Challengers Boys and Girls Club Table.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engines Table.

City of Flagstaff Table.

Shrek the Musical Table.

The MTA Table.

The Metrolink Table.

The Grand Canyon Railroad Table.

The Westways Magazine/AAA Table.

The San Diego Table.

Rail Europe Table.

The Southern California Transit Advocates Table.

The Orange County N Gauge Model Railroaders.

There were Culinary Demonstrations in the old Harvey House Restaurant.

Amtrak: Dining the Rail Way 1830-1970.

Amtrak: Dining the Rail Way Then 1830 to 1970.

Amtrak: Dining the Rail Way 1971 to the Present.

Amtrak: Dining the Way Today.

For your Dining Pleasure.

General views.

California Missions.

Amtrak California Tables.

At 11:00 AM the Opening Ceremonies with members of the USC Marching Band.

Amtrak Kids Depot Party Creation Station.

Amtrak 40th Birthday Table. By this point I had twenty minutes to kill so I got a Wetzel's Pretzel and sat in one of the waiting room chairs to enjoy it. I then got into the ticketed line for my 12 Noon visit through the rail cars. I got a picture taken of me while waiting and we slowly moved up the shorter line and stopped at 11:45 AM to wait for noon when we would tour the cars. It was well organized the way they did it but it was slow through the cars on Track 11. We got outside at the end of them letting the public in the cab of the Santa Fe 3751. What they needed was metal stairs so people could go up and look into the cab of the Santa Fe 3751 then go down the stairs on the other side. The Union Pacific always has this when they display their steam engines anywhere on their system.

The view of people entering the Montana on Track 12. I made my way through the Montana and finally got to see the inside of the Virginia City Private Car which was unique. I also finally got to see the inside of the Silver Rapids so my tour of the display cars was well worth the thirty minute wait and the hour to tour the cars. I went to the store in the station to get a Coca-Cola in a glass bottle that surprised me and went outside to a table in the south patio where I met a nice family and we talked for twenty minutes. I then walked up towards Platform 7.

Two trains Surfliner 571 on the right and Surfliner 578 with the marker lights on. I waited and at 1:50 PM they opened the train and we boarded. It was a quick trip home to Santa Ana.

Surfliner 578 headed to San Diego and I headed home ending National Train Day 2011.