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Metrolink Thanksgiving Friday 2011 Weekend Pass 11/25/2011

by Chris Guenzler

AC Adam and I decided to use the Friday Metrolink after Thanksgiving Weekend Pass so I bought mine Monday morning and planned the trip.

The Metrolink Weekend Pass. On Friday morning, I arose early and drove to the Santa Ana station, parked and after a few Sudoku puzzles, saw the headlight coming south down the track towards me.

Metrolink 803 arrived and I boarded the second coach, riding down to Oceanside where I detrained.

AC Adam found me and Metrolink 850 would now take us Riverside. We had a good trip and soon we arrived there.

Metrolink 850 at rest at Riverside. The two of us then crossed over to Track 3 where we waited for Metrolink 800.

BNSF 7904 East raced through the station and we relocated to the west end of the platform.

Metrolink 800 arrived to pick us up.

A westbound BNSF freight came through Riverside just as we started to move towards San Bernardino. When we arrived there, I spotted one of Metrolink bicycle cars.

The shady side of the bicycle car.

Metrolink 800 was now Metrolink 813 bound for Los Angeles.

The sunny side of the Metrolink bicycle car, which had been introduced a couple of months ago. I reboarded the train for the trip to Los Angeles.

Metrolink 813 at rest at Los Angeles.

The faces of Metrolink at LAUPT.

Someone had some fun with this electrical box.

Metrolink 402 and 109, which was a two-train shuttle from the maintenance facility, arrived at the station.

Metrolink 109, after which we boarded for Moorpark.

The white Metrolink bicycle car at their Taylor Facility, formerly the Southern Pacific Taylor yard. Later I detrained at Moorpark for a picture.

Metrolink 116 was now ready to take us back to Los Angeles, where we walked over to Metrolink 686.

Amtrak 406 at 8th Street. I detrained at Santa Ana and AC Adam detrained at Irvine, taking Metrolink 604 back to Oceanside. The total mileage for our $10 weekend pass on this holiday was 354.2 rail miles. It had been a great day of train riding aboard Metrolink.