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Winterail 2011 Trip Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Double T Ranch History Train

The house was brought in from Turlock. This is a real working ranch and the activities here including the weddings that take place and the History Train has saved this ranch. The ranch is a tribute to the agriculture of the San Joaquin Valley. "The Double T is a scenic, spacious ranch located in Stevinson, California in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. The well appointed facility depicts a charming old Western town. The brain child of its founders Tony and Carol Azevado, the Double T was created as a way to preserve history and the same time allows their guests to enjoy the heritage that has made our county great. The backdrop to this enchanting facility is the turn of the century Victorian home and the History Train. It has a vintage 1887 steam engine and it is the oldest Union Pacific steam locomotion in existence. Together with the museum, gardens, dining area, wedding pavilion and dance area, we offer a welcome change that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. We will guide you through the planning process, helping you to create a day that is one of a kind. The day of your event you can rest assured that all the details will be taken care of. The Double T is ideal for weddings, corporate meetings, company picnics, fund raisers, class reunions, retirement parties and much more. We look forward to making your special day one to remember for a lifetime".

The Wedding Pavilion.

One of the false front buildings here. Inside is collection of buggies.

A few of the buggies here.

A buggy hearse.

More views inside this building.

A very nice inside reception area.

Another of the false fronts with the reception area behind.

The covered reception area.

The food preparation area is in this caboose looking structure.

Windmill and water barrel.

The Double T Ranch Barn.

For guests there is a bar located in the barn.

This barn has many items inside of it.

Wine barrels and wine presses.

Buggies used for weddings.

More wine presses.


Old time washing machines.

Dairy Supplies.

A Station Bench.

Baggage Carts with metal tops.

A baggage cart in its usual mode.

A display train in a case. Now we will see the History Train.

The History Train

"Climb aboard our Historical Dinner Train for an evening of fine dining and a chance to see how the steam locomotive changed agricultural history in the San Joaquin Valley. Your evening will begin with a cocktail hour and a tour of one of California's premier Agricultural Museums. At the sound of the train whistle, we'll begin boarding for the two hour virtual reality experience that includes dinner. The History Train will leave you with a deep appreciation of what travel was like 100 years ago. Your evening will conclude with dessert and a walk through the "Baggage Car", filled with rail history memorabilia, antiques and collectibles. Prices are $60.00 per person and include beverages. The History Train will begin boarding in April. Advanced reservations and payment are required. Space is limited so book early. Groups are welcome. The History Train is partially wheel chair accessible. Please let us know your needs when calling for reservations".

Train schedules are subject to change. Upcoming Dinner Trains will be Saturdays April 16 and 30 and May 14, 2011.

For more information please contact the Double T. at (209) 634-0187 or To Contact the Double T Ranch click here ALL Aboard!

The History Train sits under cover to keep it out of the blazing sun of the San Joaquin Valley.

The engine was built by the Union Pacific as a 4-4-0 737 in 1887. It was then under the Harriman Era given to the Southern Pacific as their 216 in 1906. It was later acquired from the Portola Railroad Museum.

The History Train sure looks good.

Side view of the Southern Pacific 216.

Now for some close up views of this unique engine.

Some of the details on this engine.

The tender of this steam train.

Inside of the locomotion cab

The tender of the History Train.

Santa Fe Baggage Car 1772 was used often in the San Joaquin Valley.

Pennsylvania Railroad P-70 1660 built in 1914.

The inside of Pennsylvania Railroad P-70 1660 which has two uses. Brides can get ready for their weddings here and the car with the tables inside is where you will have your virtual railroad dining car experience.

Santa Fe 24 Pullman Muskegon was used the Death Valley Scotty Special Train.

The Santa Fe Caboose 441 was the first all steel caboose the Santa Fe owned.

The rear of the History Train.

Truck of the Santa Fe 1772.

One of the displays inside the Santa Fe 1772.

Things on the station platform.

State Belt Railroad Idler Flat Car 1.

A Railway Express Agency Sign.

Three more views of the History Train.

We walked along the rest of the false front buildings this one has the workshop behind it.

I really like this barber pole.

State Belt Railroad Idler Flat Car 3.

State Belt Railroad Idler Flat Car 2.

The inside of the workshop.

Switch Stands. From here Tony took us through another area Weddings could be held and then we saw the birds they own in their cages. After that we said goodbye to Tony after we thanked him for such an excellent tour of the Double T Ranch. From here we resumed our trip to Stockton.

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