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Winterail 2011 Trip Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Double T Ranch and made our way back out to CA 140 which we took across the San Joaquin River to Gustine where we turned north onto Ca 33. We got to Newman when we saw a southbound California Northern train coming. We made a quick U Turn and got into position for a picture.

The train had California Northern 503 leading the train south down the line. Back on the road again, we took CA 33 to West Stuhr Road to Interstate 5 which we took to Pershing Avenue in Stockton and made our way to the Red Roof Inn for our two night stay here. There we meet our friend Bob Riskie who came to his first Winterail experience of the slide show tonight and the Winterail Swap Meet tomorrow. After checking E mail and other things we headed over to the Scottish Rite Masonic Center for our NRHS & RailFan & Railroad Magazine's PreWinterail Show.

NRHS & RailFan & Railroad Magazine's PreWinterail Show 3/11/2011

We sat outside of the auditorium where people ate pizza and soda. I enjoyed a Coca-Cola as we waited for the door's to open. About 100 people showed up for this unique event this year and the shows soon started. Mike Pechner showed Streets of San Francisco would have been good but he had slides backwards and upside down with gaps between slides being shown. He admitted putting it together very quickly last night. A lesson to be learned is never do something like this at the last minute but do it at least two weeks before and check it at least twice to make sure your show works. Bill Kepner did the CNW Cowboy Line which was excellent. Paul Jasson did his UP Harbor Line Program which was very good. Otto Vondack did Northeast Railroading which was excellent. Steve Donaldson showed pictures from a Southern Pacific Railroad Cop from the 1950's and 1960's. Mel Patrick showed his Stop Motion Program which was excellent. Steve Crise showed pictures from an upcoming book on Pacific Electric then and now which was fascinating. Bruce Blackadar did a program of UP Stack Trains around Reno which was very good. Mike Roque did a NYC to Donner Program which was very good. I did my "Year of Trains in the life of Chris Guenzler". Steve Cope did "Echoes through Time" which was interesting. Ray Peacock/John Dzioblo did a program and Ken Shattuck showed a film of the California Western and RDC Trip on the Northwestern Pacific which was very good. All in all it was a good evening of railroading. We drove back to the Red Roof Inn for the night.

3/12/2011 We got up early and we all went to Perkos Cafe for breakfast. After a great meal we drove back to the Scottish Rite Masonic Center for Winterail 2011.

Winterail 2011 3/12/2011

The first duty of the morning was to get into the swap meet which we got into the earliest ever. A bought a couple of Charlie Smiley DVD's on Northeast Railroading and a Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad Passenger Public Timetable. At 10:00 AM I called Lets Talk Trains then got a Tri Tip Sandwich. I then got into the line to get into the auditorium which I did at 11:00 AM. The show started at Noon with Pre-Show Announcements. The first show was "Thru the Winter" by Craig Williams which was very good. Next was "Go West Young Man" by Dave Honan which was interesting. The "WP Modeler's Story" by Tommy Holt which was entertaining with a few good laughs thrown in. The Winterail Hall of Fame Award went to Ken Meeker. Next Ken Storey did "Mysterious Canyons of the West" which was fantastic. "All Good Things: The Siskiyou Line Semaphores" by Dan sheets & Matthew Robbins. Before the Shorts was the excellent joke ad for "Uncle Vic's Foamer Cleaner" which was repeated later in the evening. The Shorts were "California Here I Come" by Mike Roque and "For my Father" by Kit Courter. We left for dinner before "Three Favorite". This year we went to Applebees where I had an excellent steak. After dinner it was a quick trip to Stockton Tower for a late running San Joaquin 704 and a UP local. Back at the auditorium it was first Photo Contest Awards. The first evening program started with "Dodging Bullets in Search of Streetcars and Steam: Japan" by John Kichner which was fantastic. Next a really excellent program called "Ferrocarrilies De Mexico 1962-1963" by Gordon Glattenburg.T.O. Repp showed "The Other Washington State" which showed many interesting locations. The final program was "John Dziobko, JR., "Why my Friends Just Call Me the Godfather" by John Dziobko which was very good ending Winterail 2011. We returned to the Red Roof Inn after an excellent day of programs and called it a night.

3/13/2011 After losing that hour of sleep last night due to the time change, we left the Red Roof Inn before 7 AM. We gassed up the car and went to MacDonald's for breakfast where after some wait I had Hot Cakes and Sausage. Our plan was to get to the BNSF mainline at Escalon and follow it south to near Madera and see if we could find some trains along the way.

In Escalon we found the Santa Fe Caboose 999465 in a park. From here we drove through Riverbank and we saw a headlight coming so we got to the crossing just north of the Modesto Amtrak Station.

San Joaquin Train 711 heading to the Bay Area. We headed down J7 towards Merced.

North of Denair we found BNSF 4726 North. We continued south to Merced then headed out of town on CA 140 to Planada where we turned onto Santa Fe Road just south of Le Grand we saw another headlight and we set up again.

Amtrak San Joaquin 701 heading north to Sacramento. We had followed green signals south towards Planada so we knew we had a southbound train coming so we hung around.

BNSF 4278 East just south of Le Grand. We followed the railroad south to Sharon then headed over to CA 99 which we took south down the San Joaquin Valley. South of Tipton we saw a headlight so we did an off and on at the off ramp there to get the next picture.

Golden State Grain 1886 switches the plant there. From here we headed south to Famoso to check a few things.

Union Pacific 5370 East was sitting with its bell ringing.

The old Southern Pacific water tank has been painted since our last visit here.

Also here was Union Pacific 9989 which could have used Uncle Vic's Foamer Remover to get rid of that ugly graffiti painted on that unit. From here we drove into Bakersfield to Arby's for lunch. After lunch we headed over to the Bakersfield UP yard and through the fence caught the Rail America Train switching the yard and got to hear the great sound of them switching.

The two units are switching.

Rail America ENR 3870.

Two views of Rail America Railink 2120.

Great smoke provides great sounds.

Two last views. We headed east through Edison and with no trains we headed to Tunnel 2 where we heard a train coming up the grade towards us.

BNSF 4462 East passed below us through Tunnel 2 and up through Bealville.

BNSF 4458 West came down through Bealville then through Tunnel 2 and headed down the grade. We followed him south to the overlook above Caliente where we set up again.

BNSF 4458 West came down around the horseshoe curve at Caliente and you can see both ends of the train in these views. From here we headed up the grade to Woodford to set up for our first train again.

BNSF 4462 East passed through Woodford.

Next we caught the BNSF 4467 East on the Tehachapi Loop. We headed back to CA 58. As we neared the CA 58 bridge here came another eastbound BNSF train. We went back to CA 58 to give chase.

BNSF 5088 East climbed towards the Tehachapi Loop. From here we headed into Tehachapi to see the rebuilt Tehachapi Station.

The new Tehachapi Station.

The grounds are interesting at the new Tehachapi Station.

BNSF 4462 East passing through Tehachapi.

Southern Pacific Caboose 2009.

More of the grounds at the Tehachapi Station. We left the station but heard a westbound train coming so we set up for it.

BNSF 7681 West came through Tehachapi next. We started out of town when we saw a headlight coming from the east and then one from the west. Which one would get to me first?

Union Pacific 5383 West just got here first.

BNSF 5088 East just lost by about 100 feet.

BNSF 5088 East heading to Monolith. From here we drove to Cameron Road where we waited.

The mainlines are named at this location.

BNSF 5088 East at Cameron Road. From here we headed back via Mojave then followed the UP mainline through Palmdale then headed west into Soledad Canyon.

The Vasquez Rocks in Soledad Canyon. We went all the way to CA 14 which we took to Interstate 5 and arrived at LAUPT at 6:05 PM. I said my goodbyes to Chris and Dave then went into the station to wait for Pacific Surfliner 590. When I saw the crew I walked up to the train with them and they opened the train at 7:00 PM. We left LAUPT at 7:15 PM and I was back at Santa Ana at 8:02 PM where I drove home. ending another fantastic Winterail Trip.