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Pacific Southwest Railway Museum and Trip 7/8/2012

by Chris Guenzler

I had arranged with AC Adam to pick me up in Solana Beach and we would drive out to Campo to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. I got up Sunday morning and after stopping by the OCTFCU to pick up some money, I drove down to Santa Ana.

Pacific Surfliner 562 pulled into Santa Ana which I boarded taking a seat in the Superliner Coach for the trip to Solana Beach.

The San Clemente Pier on a dark foggy morning. The train took me to Solana Beach on time and I found AC Adam waiting for me. After a visit to the Coca-Cola Machine we left the Solana Beach Station and drove out to Campo stopping only at the rest area at Bucklin Road. We drove into Campo but made a stop before parking the car.

Southern Pacific Tank Car 62948.

CZRY Cab Car 8758 ex Metra of Chicago. We parked at the museum's parking lot and started taking pictures.

The former Southern Pacific Campo Station.

Mine cars.

San Diego & Arizona Box Car 2041. I was surprised when I visited the restroom.

The bathroom is one of the nicest I have ever been in with railroad pictures on the tiles.

Coach car bodies of the San Diego & Arizona Wooden Coaches 239 and 240.

Piece of track from the San Diego and Otay Railway.

Museum scene.

Railroad wheels and a museum sign.

Union Pacific H20-44 1366 built by FM in 1947.

Union Pacific Diner/Lounge 4054 built by Pullman in 1926.

California Western 2-6-6-2T 46 built by Baldwin in 1937.

E.J. Lavino 0-6-0T 10 built by Alco in 1923.

San Diego & Arizona 2-8-0 104 built by Baldwin in 1904.

Santa Fe RS-2 2098 built by Alco in 1949.

Santa Fe S-2 2381 built by Alco in 1949.

San Diego & Arizona 25 Ton built by Porter in 1948.

Oregon Northwestern AS-616 1 built by Baldwin in 1953.

United States Army 7485 built by GE in 1941.

United States Navy 44 Toner 65-00608 built by GE in 1942.

United States Air Force MRS-1 1820 built by EMD in 1952.

Simplot RS-32 4004 ex SP 7304 built by Alco in 1962.

AGREX Inc DE-27b 45T built by Baldwin in 1954.

Southern Pacific Box Car 115067.

Trailer Train Flat Car 470513 built by BSC in 1955.

Trailer Train Flat Car 470860 built by PRR in 1955.

USAX Guard Car G-10 lettered with DAFX 89437 Northwest Fallbrook Annex.

Southern Pacific Coach 2693 built by Pullman in 1914.

San Diego & Arizona Sightseer 350 built by AC&F in 1945.

Santa Fe Caboose 999371 built by ACF in 1927.

Union Pacific Caboose 25247 built by the Union Pacific in 1952.

St. Louis Southwestern Railway {Cotton Belt Route} Caboose 35 built by the International Car Company in 1963.

Southern Pacific Caboose 1351 built by the Southern Pacific in 1951.

Missouri Pacific Caboose 13936 built by Missouri Pacific in 1980.

Santa Fe and Arizona Coach 252 built by Pullman in 1930.

Santa Fe Chief Manakaja built by Pullman in 1927.

San Diego & Arizona 80 Toner 7285 built by GE in 1943.

Museum scene.

Unknown passenger car.

Pullman Sleeper/Lounge/Observation Car Commandant built by Pullman in 1910.

San Diego & Arizona MRS-1 1809 built by EMD in 1952. Now I will visit the Display Building.

Southern Pacific 4-6-0 2353.

San Diego Arizona Business Car Carriso Gorge built by Pullman in 1910.

Santa Fe Railway Post Office 74 built by Pullman in 1927.

Mail Stand. Now I will walk through the RPO Car.

Walking into RPO 74.

Mail sorting area with mail pockets.

Mail bag and the hock with mail bag attached.

The mail sorting area.

Unsorted mail bags.

The mail sorting area.

Rockdale Sandow & Southern Jim Crow Baggage/Coach 3. Now I will walk through this Jim Crow Car.

The baggage section of the car.

The Colored Section of the car.

The White Section of the car. Now we will look at the African American Railroad Heritage Display.

African American Sleeping Car and Coach Porters.

African American Dining and Lounge Car Personnel.

African American Brakemen, Firemen, Conductors and Engineers.

African American Slavery Construction & Maintenance of Way.

African American Jim Crow Segregation and Railroad Racism.

African American The Communal Life of Black Railroaders.

African American at Stations, Offices, Shops and Roundhouses.

African American Women Railroaders.

Santa Fe Caboose 1413 built by ACF in 1923.

Rails Conquer the Desert display.

Fruit Growers Express Reefer 56415.

C&O Wooden Caboose built by SSCC in 1924.

General America Transportation Corporation Flat Car 60010 built in 1922. Now we will go back outside.

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