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Metrolink's Carmageddon 2 weekend service Chatsworth to LAUPT 9/30/2012

by Chris Guenzler

Monday September 24, 2012 Riders can travel on Metrolink for only $10 all weekend or free with a Metrolink Monthly Pass

LOS ANGELES - Metrolink is adding seven round-trips on its Ventura County line, between Los Angeles and Chatsworth, to provide Southern Californians with more public transportation options during the second closure of Interstate 405. This service is in addition to regularly-scheduled trains on the Antelope Valley, Orange County, Inland Empire-Orange County and San Bernardino lines. Metrolink's popular $10 Weekend Pass provides riders unlimited system-wide travel privileges from Friday at 7 p.m. until the last train on Sunday night.

Special Ventura County Service will operate Chatsworth to Los Angeles Union Station, with stops in between at Glendale, Downtown Burbank, Burbank - Bob Hope Airport, Van Nuys and Northridge.

During the first closure of the 405, Metrolink experienced record weekend ridership and weekend pass sales. This year, there are even more reasons to ride Metrolink. Metrolink and Los Angeles World Airports have a partnership that allows Metrolink Monthly Passholders with a boarding pass to ride the Flyaway for free on the day of their flight. Additionally, Metrolink recently launched a retention program in line with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (Metro) "Eat, Shop, and Play Locally" theme that allows partnering businesses to offer discounts to Metrolink riders. This allows Metrolink to support local businesses, while rewarding the loyalty of valued customers. Please visit for a list of participating businesses.

Riders can also connect to Metro buses and light rail at no additional charge to access destinations along their extensive network. To view all of Metro's special destination discounts for the Carmageddon Weekend and other event information available, please visit

From the Metrolink Web Site

Pacific Surfliner 562 9/30/2012

I got home at 1:50 AM from Sacramento and after sleeping until 6:10 AM I got up, had breakfast then drove down to the Santa Ana Train Station parking the car in the parking structure. I bought my Metrolink Weekend Pass and waited out on the Track 2 Platform.

Pacific Surfliner 562 pulled into Santa Ana and I took a seat in the Superliner coach for my trip to Oceanside to meet up with AC Adam.

Sunrise over Saddleback Mountain.

The Tustin Blimp Hangars just after sunrise.

Later we reached the shore of the Pacific Ocean with the sailboats out early this Sunday morning.

My favorite American flag looking fantastic this early Sunday morning.

The seas are rough this morning.

The San Clemente Pier.

Looking back up the coast towards Dana Point.

San Matoe Creek with all of the surfers out enjoy their hobby like I enjoy this one I do. Surfliner 562 got me to Oceanside where I found AC Adam waiting. He held my bag while I went to the other side to get a Coca-Cola. There I saw Surfliner 565 the low level set with not only the Silver Splendor but had Amtrak Heritage Unit 184 pushing the train. Now I have an appointment with the Amtrak 184 when I get to LAUPT later this morning.

Metrolink 661 pulled into Oceanside to board passengers to Los Angeles. We left on time but had a bad meet with Surfliner 564 at CP Songs and then met Metrolink 857 at CP Capistrano.

BNSF motive power at La Mirada waits for their Monday morning duties.

Amtrak power at the Redondo Jct turntable.

The Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 calls this location home as well.

Power for the Southwest Chief at the house at 8th Street.

Amtrak Heritage Unit 145 would head east tonight on the Sunset Limited.

Amtrak 509 and the Silver Lariat.

"This is the City" back when City Hall was the tallest building in Los Angeles. Metrolink 661 got us to LAUPT and I had an appointment to keep.

Our Metrolink train to Chatsworth and a Gold Line Train.

Metrolink Train 661 at rest at LAUPT.

A Metrolink Wrapped Bike Car which we do not ride in because you cannot see clearly out the window.

The Metrolink Bike Car we always ride in.

One last view of Metrolink Train 661 at rest at LAUPT.

Pacific Surfliner 572 ready to head south to San Diego with the Amtrak Heritage Unit 184 on the point.

Views of the Amtrak Heritage Unit 184.

Cabbage Car 90230.

The rear end of Pacific Surfliner 572. I walked back over to my waiting Metrolink train.

Metrolink 165 is ready to take AC Adam and me to Chatsworth. We boarded the bicycle car.

The Salisbury Beach and Tioga Pass on the Garden Tracks.

Mission Tower.

The Los Angeles River.

The old Southern Pacific 7 Trains a Day Wall Advertising.

The Gold Line Shop.

The train crossed the Los Angeles River.

Views at the Metrolink Taylor Facility.

The old Dayton Tower still stands at the road into the Metrolink Yard.

The bend in the Los Angeles River.

This X Rated Club was used by Alice Cooper for the inside sleeve of his Muscle of Love album.

The downtown Burbank Metrolink Station.

Here is what is left of the old line whose west end is the Orange Line Bus Way.

The way the normal Metrolink weekend trains run out to Lancaster on this line.

The train stopped at the Bob Hope Airport Station.

Although these trips were on the Metrolink Web Site they did not contact KNX radio or the local TV stations to get the word out about these trips.

Views of the Gemco Yard in Van Nuys before we stopped there.

Views of the Van Nuys Airport.

The Northridge Metrolink Station.

The Santa Susana Mountains just before we arrived into Chatsworth.

Metrolink 165 is turning into Metrolink 166 right before my eyes.

Our train has a green signal and is ready to head east.

Metrolink Train 166 was ready to take us back to LAUPT and we arrived back there ten minutes early.

Metrolink Train 166 at rest at LAUPT. AC Adam went to get lunch and I decided to go to Angels Flight. I headed for the subway.

The Purple Line train came into LAUPT to take me two stops to Pershing Square.

The train is empty on this trip westbound to Wilshire and Western. Then it was up to the ground level and I walked over to Angels Flight.

Views of Angels Flight. Now let us take the car up the hill.

I paid my fare and now let us go back down Angels Flight.

After finishing Angels Flight I headed back to the subway.

I took the Red Line back to LAUPT, stopped at Wetzel Pretzel for one of theirs before meeting AC Adam at the door of Metrolink 666 which I took home to Santa Ana and AC continued back to Oceanside before he headed home. I watched last night's Doctor Who which my mother taped for me and worked on this story. I had another appointment with the Amtrak 184 so I drove down to 17th Street and set up for my series of pictures.

Pacific Surfliner 583 with Amtrak 184 at 17th Street in Santa Ana. I came home and then took my mother to dinner before coming home and finishing this story. For next week I am subbing at John Adams Elementary School. This one should be interesting.