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La Plata 2012 Spring Railfan Event Day 1 4/2/2012

by Chris Guenzler

The five of us met in the lobby at 7:30 AM and headed out of La Plata via Missouri Highway 156 west to Missouri Highway 3, to Route J, which took us to Elmer and our first train of the day.

BNSF 6638 East at Elmer. We then drove out to the first old bridge west of Elmer via Route J to Route F, then turned left on Beaver Street and left on Crystal Avenue. With lighting not too good, we returned onto Crystal Avenue, turned left on Beaver Street then left again on Bayport Avenue to the second old bridge west of Ethel.

First a track inspector truck came beneath our photo location.

BNSF 4522 East.

Two pictures of our group which included Winston and Christy Walker, David Korkhouse and Donald Sillence.

A parade of track equipment went west to a work location.

Railroad rails have many uses including bridge support.

The second old bridge west of Ethel.

The Southwest Chief with the last Amtrak dome car dead-heading to Beech Grove. We then moved to the third bridge west of Ethel via Bayport Avenue, turned right on Bison Street then right on Route VV to the bridge.

BNSF 5860 East. Our next stop was at the fourth old bridge west of Ethel by back-tracking down Route VV, turning right on Route EZ and left on Anchor Avenue.

BNSF 7331 East at the fourth old bridge west of Ethel.

More track equipment came by during that last train. We then headed to the Newton Road grade crossing via Anchor Avenue and turning right on Newton Road.

Union Pacific 7349 East at Newton Road. From here we took Newton Road west and turned left on Missouri Highway 129 into Bucklin for a bathroom/snack stop. I walked over to the bridge over the former Chicago, Burlington and Quincy line.

The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy line through Bucklin. We continued on our journey, driving south to Meadow Road for a special picture.

Shoot them while you still have the opportunity, as the Santa Fe signal bridges are being replaced. We made our way to US Highway 36 which we took to Missouri Highway 11 into Brookfield.

The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy station in Brookfield.

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