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La Plata 2012 Spring Railfan Event Day 3 4/4/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We met in the lobby at 7:00 AM and soon Nathan Childester, Winston and Christy Walker and myself left the Depot Inn & Suites via Missouri Highway 156 and Missouri Highway 3, to Route J to Route M into Ethel where we set up for our first train of the morning.

BNSF 6535 west at Ethel. From here we took Missouri Highway 149 to US Highway 36 to Brookfield, where we stopped at McDonald's and I bought hot cakes and sausage. We then returned to US Highway 36 to Missouri Highway 139, going through Sumner to Hale, where I saw a BNSF eastbound train coming.

The former Chicago, Burlington and Quincy station in Hale.

Hale, Missouri.

BNSF 9193 East on the former Chicago, Burlington and Quincy line here. We then took Missouri Highway 139 into Bosworth then Route UU to the County Road 230 old bridge.

Union Pacific 4531 West.

Union Pacific 4747 East.

County Road 230 old bridge. We went back on Route UU to the County Road 231 old bridge.

BNSF 4116 East. We took Route UU back to Bosworth, then Route M to Missouri Highway 11 to Route E, to Route JJ to Kansas Road into Marceline.

BNSF 7556 West. Here we received a text message from Bob Cox informing us that the Chicago and North Western Heritage engine 1995 was on the point of a westbound coming into Fort Madison and we would set up somewhere to get pictures.

BNSF 7487 West. From Marceline we went out on Missouri Highway 5 to US Highway 36 east to Missouri Highway 129 to Newton Road, which turns into Apple Street, to Anchor Avenue to Archer Street, to Route VV to the bridge there and the rain started.

BNSF 4018 West at the Route VV bridge.

A rainy afternoon.

BNSF 7393 West. From here we went via Bison to Bayport Avenue to Beaver Street to Missouri Highway 149 and the grade crossing in Ethel.

Ethel, Missouri. Since we wanted to be closer to La Plata, we took Route F to Route M to Elmer, where we set up for the heritage unit.

Union Pacific 1995 West led by Chicago and North Western Heritage Unit 1995. We returned to La Plata and thanked Bob for telling us about the heritage unit. We all returned to the Depot Inn & Suites and I worked on this story in the Pullman Suite and finished it before we went to the Red Rooster for dinner. After that I just relaxed for the evening.