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La Plata 2012 Spring Railfan Event Day 4 4/5/2012

by Chris Guenzler

Nathan, Winston, Christy and I met at 7:30 AM and we took US Highway 63 north to Route F which we took to the bridge over the BNSF mainline.

The storm was heading southwest away from us at Gibbs this morning.

The view looking east has power lines in it.

A line of rolled hay at Gibbs.

The 55 MPH speed limit sign had been blown upside down making it look like 22 MPH. With no trains and a very cold strong breeze, we left here and drove to Route V to Missouri Highway 6 east to Route J, which we took north to Missouri Highway 11 to Route P and the bridge over the mainline. We waited here but the cold wind made us decide to relocate again. So we went east on Route P then turned left on Road 119 to the old bridge there. However, with still no trains and tired of the cold, we relocated yet again by taking Road 119 to Missouri Highway 11, to Route K to Route M and turned left on Underpass Road, left on Road 19 to Road 49 and the bridge over the BNSF mainline.

BNSF 6724 East west of Rutledge.

Next a track inspector truck came on Track 1.

BNSF 7331 West. From here we went back to Route M to Route A, to Route W and east of Wyaconda, took the first left to the old bridge over that portion of the mainline.

BNSF 7470 West.

The old bridge east of Wyaconda. Next the track workers returned.

The parade of BNSF track workers' equipment.

The view looking north.

The Southwest Chief running over two hours late. We then moved to the Sycamore Lane bridge west of Wyaconda.

The Sycamore Lane bridge.

The view looking north.

BNSF 5370 West, after which we started to return to La Plata the way we came out.

At Baring we caught the DPU on a BNSF gondola train then stopped at the Route P bridge but once again, no trains so we went straight back to La Plata. Once there we returned the rental car to Enterprise in Kirksville and Nathan drove us back. At 5:30 PM Winston, Christy and I went to the Red Rooster for dinner then later I drove them to the Amtrak station and they boarded the almost an hour late Southwest Chief for home. I returned and called it a night.