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Coast Starlight Tehachapi Loop and Altamont Pass Detour Train Travel Group 2/4/2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

BNSF 4600 West at the BNSF connection in Mojave.

UP local out on the Oak Creek Branch.

The Mojave Airport.

Climbing the east slope of Tehachapi Pass.

Curving into Monolith.

Windmills on the southern ridges as the train ran through Monolith. The train sprinted across the valley to the summit of Tehachapi Pass at 4,065 feet. From here its downhill all the way to Bena.

The Tehachapi Water Tower.

The restored Tehachapi Station. We left the Tehachapi Valley behind as we followed Tehachapi Creek west.

The Coast Starlight at the Cable Crossovers.

Rolling through Cable. Next we entered the 259 foot Tunnel 17, the 259 foot Tunnel 16, 330 foot Tunnel 15 and the 513 foot Tunnel 14 before we reached Marcel.

Looking back towards Tunnel 14.

The train at Marcel.

The view from Marcel. We went through the 307 foot Tunnel 12 and the Tehachapi Loop came into view.

The Trip around the Tehachapi Loop.

The train about to cross Tehachapi before we reached Woodford.

The train takes a curve between Woodford and Rowen.

The train coming into Rowen.

BNSF 6705 east at Rowen.

The train near the west switch at Rowen.

The train below Rowen.

Derailed cars from Wednesday's incident just west of Rowen. The train went into the 689 foot Tunnel 8 and the 520 foot Tunnel 7,

The train is coming into Cliff.

Views from Cliff Siding. The train entered the 1175 foot Tunnel 5.

The train went by the remains of Tunnel 4 before we went through the 494 foot Tunnel 3 which took us to Bealville and a waiting BNSF 4061 East.

Rolling through Bealville.

The rear of the BNSF 4061 East. The train next went through the 219 foot Tunnel 2.

After the train exited Tunnel 2 and heads down to the 232 foot Tunnel 1 that will take our train down to Caliente.

The train entered the 232 foot Tunnel 1. Down at Caliente the BNSF 5235 East was waiting for us to go by.

Dropping down into Caliente. From here a trip through "The Narrows" to Bena.

The train at the west end of "The Narrows" before we ran through Bena.

Climbing the grade at Sandcut where we stopped for BNSF 4808 East. The train rolled through Edison and on into Bakersfield which we arrived into at 3:20 PM.

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