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Coast Starlight Tehachapi Loop and Altamont Pass Detour Train Travel Group 2/4/2012 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

We left Bakersfield at 3:31 PM and headed north up the old Southern Pacific Valley Line.

The Bakersfield Southern Pacific Station.

The train crossed the Kern River.

Fields and orchards in the southern San Joaquin Valley.

Let the vineyards be fruitful this year of 2012.

As we were about to cross the Tule River. We were in Tulare at 4:37 PM.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The JD Haskell unit in Tulare.

Three views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains as we slowed for a grade separation project.

The Kings River. We reached Kingsburg at 5:03 PM and stopped briefly then made it into Selma at 5:19 PM. The Train Riders of California Board had their Board Meeting aboard the Coast Starlight this morning.

The Sunset as we crawled away from Selma before we finally picked up speed. Fresno Station was passed at 5:45 PM. From here we became a night train as we headed north through Madera, Chowchilla and Merced. The train continued to roll northward through Modesto and on to Lathrop where we wyed the train which took thirty minutes. We got called in to dinner just before the wyeing took place. As we crossed Altamont Pass I enjoyed a New York Strip and across the Livermore Valley I enjoyed the Vanilla/Carmel Ice Cream. Back at my seat as we rolled west through Niles Canyon and onto Fremont before turning north into Oakland where we arrived into the Jack London station at 10:10 PM. It had been a great trip aboard the Coast Starlight on this unique detour trip. Winston and Gail got a taxi while the rest of us walked over to the Jack London Inn for the night.

Oakland 2/5/2012

We got up at 6:15 AM and met Robin in the lobby at 7:00AM before we walked back to the Amtrak Station.

Capitol Train 520 came into the Oakland Jack London Station.

San Joaquin 712 2/5/2012

San Joaquin 712 came into the Oakland Station.

While waited to load, I took this picture at this station. We all boarded Train 712 in coach 6461 and took tables upstairs. The train left Oakland on time and headed to Emeryville.

Views on the way to Richmond.

Views between Richmond and Martinez.

Views between Martinez and Stockton. Now I will relax down the valley as we speed south to Modesto. We next ran to Turlock/Denair then at Ballico we met San Joaquin 701 before we reached Merced. From there we headed to Madera and on into Fresno. From here we met San Joaquin 713, we went to Hanford, Corcoran and then into Wasco. The train then made the final sprint in Bakersfield ending another great trip aboard the San Joaquin which we arrived into early this afternoon.

Thruway Bus 2/5/2012

The bus made the quick run to Los Angeles and once we got into LA Basin we went via the Interstate 210 and CA 2 to get us to LAUPT early enough to catch a much earlier train.

Surfliner 582 2/5/2012

The train made the quick trip to Fullerton and Anaheim before dropping us off at Santa Ana ending yet another excellent Amtrak Adventure.