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Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline 4/1/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We arrived at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum which was established in 2001 to help celebrate the 100th Birthday of Marceline's favorite son, Walter Elias Disney. The original museum was built on the personal collection of Ruth Disney Beecher, Walt's sister. Ruth maintained a close relationship with her brothers Walt & Roy, and knew the admiration they all shared toward their hometown.

Walt spent his most formative years in this magical midwest city and injected his favorite memories of Marceline into countless aspects of his television, film and theme park projects. Walt Disney first came to Marceline, Missouri by train when he was four years old. Walt said himself that he always loved trains. As a tribute, the museum that honors him is located inside the former Santa Fe train depot.

The Santa Fe station built in 1913.

The sign in front.

Kaye was our excellent tour guide.

Disney character postage stamps.

The official Santa Fe clock.

BNSF 7814 West came through during our visit.

The station's ticket windows.

A statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Disney comes to Marceline.

Woods and Fields.

His school class photograph.

Walt's school desk with his initials carved on it.

A display case.




1966: Autopia

Autopia ride signs.

Midget Autopia.

Another excellent display board.

More pictures and displays.

Railway Express and luggage waiting for a train which will never come!

Mickey Mouse.

A small steam engine.

Walt and Roy Disney.

Model trains.

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum sign.

A display board.

A nice chair.

Walt Disney's parents.

The origins of Mickey Mouse.

The family record player.

Table and display board.

Flora and Elias Disney.

Another chair.

Trains and Walt.

Another display case.

Carolwood Pacific Railroad caboose.

Marceline Train history board.

Railroad display cases.

Other display cases.

"The Great Locomotive Chase" movie poster.

More pictures in the display cases.

California Trains.

Another "The Great Locomotive Chase" poster.

A section of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad track.

Another display case.

Some of the early Disney movie pictures.

More Disney movie memorabelia.

A foreign "The Great Locomotive Chase" poster.

Fess Parker display. I then took the elevator upstairs to see the second floor exhibits and was impressed.

Models of the buildings in Disneyland.

The models were made by Dale Varner.

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