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Disney's Hometown Museum in Marceline 4/1/2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

A map of Disneyland.

Another chair.

The Spirit of Mickey.

1960 How we Celebrated the Disney Story.



More displays.

1999 and the Marceline Project.

Working on the Marceline Project.




The Disney Movie So Dear To My Heart.

The Disney Movie Those Calloways.

Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie.

Walt Disney's Pollyanna. Next I saw the display of Muppet Cartoons.

The display of the Muppet Cartoons.

The 1985 Connecticut Cartoonist Invitational Golf Tournament display.

Another picture.

Main Street USA Rug.

Herbert and Raymond.

Uncle Robert.

Marceline Street Clock.

Roy O.

Roy Edward.

Old television with the Mickey Mouse Club playing.

Brothers and Sisters.

Display Cases.

Ruth and Ted.

Disneyland Grand Opening.


Partners Roy and Walt.

Walt Disney and Family.

Walt Disney was in the Red Cross in France during World War 1. I then went to use the restroom but was glad I took my camera with me.

Stamp Day.

Disney Stamp Day September 11th.

Railroad workers uniforms.

Santa Fe Railroad Displays.

Comforts of the Santa Fe.

Two Santa Fe Railroad Calendars.

The Santa Fe Railroad Baggage Carts at the Marceline Station. That was the end of our visit to the Disney Hometown Museum. Next we will look at the Disney landmarks in Marceline.

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