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Orange Empire Railway Museum 5/27/2012

by Chris Guenzler

5/26/2012 Bob and Elizabeth wanted to go to Perris to the Orange Empire Railway Museum and wanted to go out there on Sunday. I planned it and also invited AC Adam to go along. I planned to meet Bob and Elizabeth when they arrived at LAUPT off the Flyway Bus. That Saturday morning I took Surfliner 562 to Oceanside then Metrolink 661 and took that all the way to LAUPT. With no signs of the Southwest Chief yet as it was running late, I went out to where the Flyway Buses arrived and sat up on a hill that overlooks that area. Their bus arrived and soon I got together with Bob and Elizabeth Alkire. We walked over and got them checked into the Metro Plaza Hotel then made a stop a Subway so they could get lunch. We walked back to LAUPT and caught the 5 hour late Southwest Chief arriving with the Amtrak Heritage 66 on the point and the Great Dome and Beech Grove with Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman aboard. From here we took the Red Line to 7th/Metro Center where I took Bob and Elizabeth on their first trip on the Expo Line. Once we got done, we took the Red Line one stop to Pershing Square where I took Bob and Elizabeth on their first trip aboard Angels Flight. After that we rode the whole Gold Line before I returned to Santa Ana aboard Metrolink 664.

5/27/2012 I took Surfliner 562 down to San Juan Capistrano where I boarded Surfliner 763 to Santa Ana finding AC Adam on board. We walked around to Track 2 where Bob and Elizabeth arrived on Surfliner 564. We went to our Van and I drove us all out to Perris to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. The store in the station wasn't open yet so we started looking around.

Santa Fe Caboose 1761.

Southern Pacific Caboose 374.

Santa Fe Flat Car 206204 with AT&SF Burro Crane 749.

USAF GE 80 Toner 1601.

Hutchinson & Northern Steeplecab 1 built in 1921.

Southern Pacific Caboose 1213.

Intracity Transit Bus 20118.

Seattle Metra Electric Bus 656.

South museum crossing scene.

Santa Fe Caboose 999076.

OERM RSD-1 1975 built in 1942 as USA 8018 ex DOT 015.

OERM RSD-1 1956 built in 1941 as USA 8009 ex DOT 012.

Santa Fe FP-45 98.

GE Center Cab 41.

Santa Fe Combine 2602.

SFRD Refrigerator Car 21028.

Southern California Edison ML 6 Industrial Switcher 12.

Santa Fe Crane 199774.

American Potash & Chemical Company E-513 is a 1956 Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton product.

SPMW Crane 7090.

SPMW Relief Tender 7091.

OERM S-12 844.

OERM S-12 845.

USN VO-1000 8.

Mojave Northern Saddletank 0-6-0T 2.

Union Pacific Chair Car 542.

O'Neil's Diner.

Museum view.

Los Angeles Railway Type H Streetcar 1201.

Los Angeles Railway PCC 3001 was the first PCC type car delivered to Los Angeles built in 1937.

Los Angeles Railway 1201 in front of the Pinnacle Station. We got our tickets and looked around. With no trains to ride yet, we walked over to the Narrow Gauge Trolley Car Barn for a look inside of it.

Los Angeles Railway Huntington Standard 665.

Los Angeles Railway Funeral Car Descanso.

Los Angeles Railway Type F4 Car 1160.

Los Angeles Railway 423.

Los Angeles Railway Type H3 Car 1450.

Los Angeles Railway Type K Car 1559.

Los Angeles Railway Type C Car 936.

SSRY Horsecar 77 built 1887.

California Street Cable Car 43 built 1907.

LAMTA PCC car 3165.

Los Angeles Railway Wire Car 9350.

Kyoto City Car 19.

LATL Crane Car 9225 built 1912.

Los Angeles Railway Rail Grinder 9310. From this Car Barn we headed north to Grizzly Flats Railroad Building.

We were greeted by this sign.

There is a gallows turntable outside to the east of the display building.

Grizzly Flats Railroad Four Bench Open Car for use behind the Chloe built 1975.

Waimanalo Sugar Railroad 0-4-2RT 1 "Chloe: 1 built by Baldwin in 1883.

NCO Stock Car 156 built 1912.

SP Gondola 216 built 1892

SP Gondola 223 built 1917.

SP Box Car 449 built 1891.

Nevada Central 2-6-0 2 "Emma Nevada" built by Baldwin in 1881.

OERM Railroad Gas-Hydraulic OB 589.

Southern Pacific Stock Car 157 built 1915.

Westside Lumber caboose 7 built 1949.

Southern Pacific Second Class Coach 39 built 1882.

Southern Pacific Business Car Esmerelda 10 built 1896

Pacific Coast Railway Box Car 704 built 1906.

Grizzly Flats Railroad First Class Coach 5 built 1881. With that last picture we went back outside.

Another view of the gallows Turntable.

D&RGW Drop Bottom Gondola 732.

D&RGW Idler Flat Car 6768.

D&RGW Pipe Gondola 1155.

Why did I feel like I was just back in Colorado?

United States Air Force B-B-90/90 8580 built 1944.

Union Pacific 2-8-2 2564 built by Alco in 1921.

The future Southern Pacific Keeler Water Tank.

The sprout for that water tank.

A line of ore cars.

Mining locomotive.

Museum scene. We walked to the Pacific Electric Car Barn and the Ron Buffalo Carhouse but both were still locked. We returned to the depot and waited for our first of three loop rides this morning.

We took our first two rides aboard the Los Angeles Railway PCC Car 3001 and then took one ride on the Los Angeles Railway 1201. After that we waited to ride out on the mainline.

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