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Rockford Park District Trolley Car 36 6/16/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We pulled into the parking lot at Rockford and I heard "Chris!" It was my good rare mileage and NRHS members Diane and Bob from Michigan who were already aboard the Rockford Trolley Car 36 built in 1982.

Rockford Trolley Car 36 would give us our ride along the Rock River today in Rockford. I went inside the station and got Dave and I tickets to ride. Our trip this afternoon would be on a Union Pacific industrial lead north along the Rock River. We boarded the car and got caught up with our friend as the trolley departed at 2 PM.

The gate behind us must always be closed so that trolley operations can take place. This trolley runs on propane for fuel thus no overhead wires are needed to operate it. We left the boarding area.

We ran by the Car Barn for Rockford Trolley Car 36.

We turned off the private right-of-way for street running down Madison Street.

Rolling north down Madison Street.

Two views looking out the front of the car.

Soon we came to the end of our Madison Street running.

A tourist boat was out on the Rock River.

A view out of the rear of our car.

Another view of the Rock River.

View behind us.

The Rock River.

The Four Wooden Men Statues.

That boat on the Rock River.

Another view behind.

Three views of the Rock River from our street car.

We ran by the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens.

The view behind us.

Views of the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens.

Two views behind us.

We passed these two pieces of artwork as we neared the end of our run north. We came to a stop and the crew flipped the seats before we returned to the Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens for a twenty minute stop.

Three views of the Rockford Trolley Car 36 during our stop there.

There was plenty of action out on the Rock River. We started heading back.

The ducks were out in the shade along the Rock River.

Our conductor stopped the traffic at the end of our street running along Madison Street. We returned to the boarding area.

Passengers exiting the Rockford Trolley Car 36.

Rockford Trolley Car 36.

The next group of passengers start to board the Rockford Trolley Car 36. Dave and I headed to our last train trip of the day just south of Freeport.