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Santa Fe 3751 Chase to San Bernardino 4/21/2012

Plus San Bernardino Railroad Days 2012 and riding Santa Fe 3751 back to LAUPT.

by Chris Guenzler

Winston and Christy Walker picked me up at my home and we drove down to the Santa Ana Train station and parked.

From there we walked over to the Track 1 platform and waited for the Surfliner 763.

Surfliner 763 arrived into Santa Ana and we boarded the lower level of the cab car for my trip to Fullerton.

Winston and Christy Walker were heading to Los Angeles to ride the Santa Fe 3751 this morning out to San Bernardino. All too soon, we arrived in Fullerton and my train riding for the day is done. Now I will show you the cabooses that reside in Fullerton.

Santa Fe Caboose 999110.

Coast Rail Services Caboose CRSX 1002.

Former Southern Pacific Caboose 404.

Operation Lifesaver Surfliner Engine 457.

Surfliner 763 leaves Fullerton for Los Angeles and I met Carl Morrison in the northeast parking lot. We headed to Los Angeles listening to my CD of Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick. Winston called as we were parking on East 4th Street in Los Angeles and said the Santa Fe 3751 was already at LAUPT this morning. We headed to LAUPT parking on Rameriz Street for free and walked to LAUPT. We walked up to the platform to photograph the Santa Fe 3751 and train.

Santa Fe 3751 and train at LAUPT this morning.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at LAUPT before the trip to San Bernardino.

The cab of Santa Fe 3751 at LAUPT. Now we will look at the train.

Baggage Car Gordon N. Zimmerman.

Amtrak Dome Lounge Ocean View 10031.

Pacific Railroad Society Pullman Sleeper National Forum PAR 1207.

Burlington Dome Coach Silver Splendor 800604.

Southern Pacific Lounge 2981 Overland Trail.

Amtrak Horizon Coach 54552.

Canadian National 92 Observation Car Tioga Pass.

The rear of the Santa Fe 3751 train at LAUPT. We returned to Carl's van and after a quick detour to reach Interstate 10 we went east to Atlantic Ave where we exited, made a right on West Hellman Ave and a right onto South Marguerita Ave to a Pedestrian Bridge over Interstate 10 and made our way out to over the middle of the San Bernardino Freeway and set up for our pictures. We knew we had a westbound Metrolink train due in a few minutes to practice with.

The view both ways off of the Marguerita Ave Pedestrian Bridge. Now we waited for Metrolink 354 to come by our location.

Metrolink 353 came and went at the Marguerita Ave Pedestrian Bridge.

The shadows of Carl and me. I called Let's Talk Trains, gave a quick report then we waited for the moment when I spotted the train approaching our location.

Santa Fe 3751 and train from the Marguerita Ave Pedestrian Bridge. We headed east to our next photo location with us beginning to listen to the new CD of Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson Thick as a Brick 2. We exited the San Bernardino Freeway at Exit 32A and made a left on Hamburger Lane and parked and I walked over to the grade crossing and saw the Santa Fe 3751 heading our way down the tracks so we set up for our pictures.

Santa Fe 3751 and train at the Hamburger Lane grade crossing in Baldwin Park. We returned to the San Bernardino Freeway heading east to Interstate 15 going north to 4th Street going east to Etiwanda Ave going north to the Metrolink grade crossing to set up for our next set of pictures.

Santa Fe 3751 at Etiwanda Ave and we headed to San Bernardino and parked in the parking structure. Now we will see San Bernardino Railroad Days 2012.

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