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The Winterail 2012 Trip 2/9/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I got up at 3:30 AM and after preparing myself I drove down to the Santa Ana train station and parked my GEO Metro. I walked over to Track 1 and dropped off my stuff on a bench before getting my Metrolink Ticket to Los Angeles.

The quiet night time Santa Ana Station.

Metrolink Train 681 came into Santa Ana and I boarded the Cab Car for my trip to Los Angeles. I enjoyed an eye opening Coca-Cola as the train arrived into Los Angeles at 5:25 AM. I went out to our prearranged pick up spot and waited and soon Dave joined me. Next our driver Nick showed up and we learned Chris Parker was running late this morning so we went off site for a few minutes then returned to pick up Chris and we hit the road for Stockton. We took Interstate 5 to Old River Road where we met up with Larry and Tony who would follow us for most of the day. We took a right on Shafter Road and a left on Gosford Road and soon found our first new station of the day.

Here we found the Sunset Railway Station which had been moved here for a resident. From here we headed north to the Taft Highway going through Pumpkin Center to CA 99 which we took north to Airport road and a right on Norris to our next new station.

The Seguro Station which has Oildale lettered on it is now The Rustic Rail.

The glasswork on the door caught my eye.

The Union Pacific 1996, the Southern Pacific Heritage Engine was on this train.

Views of the Union Pacific Heritage Engine 1996 at Cowelo.

UP 1996 then left Cowelo. We headed over to South Shafter and our next station.

The Sunset Railway station from Fellows is a residence on South Orange Street in Shafer and had been moved to its current location. From here we got on CA Highway 43.

The BNSF 7876 East had BNSF 3115 in the DPU Set. We continued north on CA Highway 43.

From here we drove north and went to Alpaugh to the Corn Production Services Office where I checked us in and she called David who came from their offices to drive us back to their locomotive.

West Isle Line GP-9 3399.

More views of the West Isle Line GP-9 3399.

The details on the West Isle Line GP-9 3399.

David shot a picture of our group in front of the West Isle Line GP-9 3399.

David then gave us a tour of the cab of the West Isle Line GP-9 3399. A special thank you to David for letting us see and get pictures of the West Isle Line GP-9 3399. From here we drove back to CA Highway 43.

The next train was Amtrak 702 from Sacramento heading to Bakersfield. We headed north to CA Highway 137 to CA Highway 65 where we found the residence driveway which we went to the house. Here we met Chris Brewer who said it would be ok to shoot the depot on his property.

This was interesting and we would have to research it.

Views of the Santa Fe Exeter Station.

Details of the Santa Fe Exeter Station.

Chris showed us a book of the station in its original location. We thanked Chris for allowing us to photograph the Santa Fe Exeter Station before we drove into Exeter.

Ex Central Oregon Pacific 3824.

Ex Florida East Coast 440 and ex Kyle Railroad 2043.

Rail America 3809.

San Joaquin 1825. From here we drove into Visalia and went to have lunch in an old friend.

The Southern Pacific Station in Visalia now The Depot where I enjoyed a steak sandwich for lunch. After lunch our car headed straight over to Roeding Park in Fresno.

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