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Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad 5/14/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

On the way back to Jefferson we stopped for a photo runby.

The reverse move.

The photo runby.

The train reversed to pick up all of us and I relaxed on the train until we approached Jefferson.

Our train ran past Jefferson station, headed for that track I walked beside this morning and we were now getting extra rare mileage.

We ran by all the cars being off loaded.

Our train cleared the station area.

We passed those stored cars.

The Jefferson water tower came into view.

Leaving the stored cars behind.

We took the curve by the parked automobiles.

Running by the old factory in Jefferson.

This was our turnback location, just across the street from the engine and caboose. We returned north to the Jefferson station, ending our rare mileage trip. A special thank you, as always, to Bart and Sarah Jennings and all of those railroads who hosted us throughout the last four days.

The Drive to Mansfield

I was first out of the parking area and drove out to Interstate 90, which I took into Cleveland and then Interstate 71 to Mansfield. With bad directions to the hotel, I found two things worth the delay.

The Baltimore and Ohio Mansfield station built in 1889.

A unique Baltimore and Ohio signal. I drove up the hill to a fast food restaurant who gave me directions to the Travelodge, which I followed, but stopped at Arby's to pick up some dinner then relaxed the evening away.