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My Birthday Trip to Trestles at County Line, CA 12/31/2013

by Chris Guenzler

On my 56th Birthday I took my usual birthday train ride to Solana Beach which we ran late both ways. I came home, got my camera then drove south to San Clemente parking on El Camino Real and started my hike down the trails to the Trestles at County Line, railroad wise that is. I found out with a phone call that both Pacific Surfliners 572 and 573 had been cancelled. I set up by the edge of the water of the San Matoe River and would wait for Metrolink 851 as my first train of the day.

I got to enjoy the ducks swimming and fishing in the pond. I started hearing train horns from the north so I got ready.

Metrolink 851 crosses the Trestles on the way to Oceanside. I relocated just a little way north for Pacific Surfliner 777.

The seagulls were really active before they flew off. I had called AC Adam and Winston for train information so I would have an idea when the trains might arrive. I figure from my riding it is 14 minutes from San Juan and 16 minutes from Oceanside. Once we got the time Pacific Surfliner 777 had left Oceanside, I knew what time it would be here if all went right.

Pacific Surfliner 777 crossed the Trestles and entered Orange County at County Line. I relocated for Pacific Surfliner 774.

The train came into sight along the beach.

Pacific Surfliner 774 heading to San Diego went through County Line.

The County Line Sign. Now I would wait for Pacific Surfliner 579.

Pacific Surfliner 579 crosses the Trestles and went by County Line on its way to Los Angeles. I hiked back to the car and drove towards home. I had to exit Interstate 5 at Tustin Ranch Road and I took local roads home. I would enjoy my birthday at home tonight.