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A Trip to Cajon Pass 11/9/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton picked me up at 5:15 AM and we drove to Devore via Colton.

BNSF 5492 West at Devore, where there was a new highway bridge being built. We then drove to the hill overlooking the flyover at Frost.

Union Pacific 6757 East light engine move.

BNSF 7765 West with DPU's 7761 and 7738 crossed over Union Pacific 4419 East.

Union Pacific 4419 East stopped behind the light engine move.

After receiving a signal, Union Pacific 4419 East departed Frost for good.

Union Pacific 7885 East with DPU 7767.

BNSF 7204 West. From here we started the trip to Sullivan's Curve.


BNSF 7204 West at Lugo, east of Summit, after which we proceeded to the overlook at Summit.

BNSF 7204 West. Bill drove us to Sullivan's Curve before we climbed the hill.

BNSF 7204 West, which Bill Compton was well below for. I called Let's Talk Trains as we waited for the next train.

BNSF 7599 West.

Union Pacific 5634 East at Canyon in Sullivan's Curve.

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