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La Plata and the Trip Home

by Chris Guenzler

7/24/2013 I arose and after having breakfast in the Pullman Suite, did a few things on-line before I loaded the rental car and headed out. My first stop of the day would be the old bridge just west of Rutledge. I parked then called Chris Parker to discuss a few matters when I heard a train horn from the east. I ended the call and prepared for the train.

All was quiet from the west.

The silence was broken in the east.

BNSF 4865 West on an auto train.

Union Pacific 5311 West on a stack train.

BNSF 7103 West on an intermodal train.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief Train 4 heading to Chicago. From here I drove to a new photo location at Powell Road.

Union Pacific 7356 West with an intermodal train.

BNSF 643 West with a general manifest train.

BNSF 7440 East with a stack train.

BNSF 7242 West with a stack train. I then to the old bridge on Road 119 and set up for pictures.

BNSF 5126 West with a general manifest train. I returned to La Plata, filled the rental car with petrol and drove to the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point.

Help Save the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point

I went to the lookout point and saw the water damage to the walls.

As you can see we need to replace these walls, add some insulation and new inside walls. I donated $50 to this cause myself. If you would like to help with this project, please go to the link below.

Click here to help pay for repairs.

Even with the water damage, views can still be had from here.

BNSF 4420 East passed by the Chris Guenzler Million Lookout Point in La Plata, Missouri.

My favorite path in the whole wide world. I returned to the Pullman Suite where I worked on stories before driving to Wing Thing in Kirksville to pick up dinner then resumed working the rest of the evening.

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