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More encounters with Amtrak 42 the Veteran Unit

by Chris Guenzler

11/30/2013 Amtrak 42 was the protection unit at LAUPT so I had hoped it would be there Saturday. My plan was to go and get some pictures of the trains at the brand new Tustin Ranch Road bridge and then ride to Los Angeles and photograph Amtrak 42 at LAUPT. So I left the house about 7:15 AM and drove to a parking lot I found on Google Earth and parked. I then started my walk out onto the new bridge.

It was a clear morning and Mt Baldy stood out to the north.

Looking south are the Blimp Hangars. The bridge has a mesh screening on it so you have to be back from the middle in order to get any pictures at all.

There is a plaque about the opening on the bridge on November 23, 2013. Now I waited and finally saw a headlight to the east coming my way.

Pacific Surfliner 763 had the Amtrak 42 pushing the train this morning to Goleta.

Due to having to wait for traffic to clear I got a poor going away shot. The Amtrak 42 would come back after dark on Pacific Surfliner 784 to San Diego then return to Los Angeles on Pacific Surfliner 595 today. I now waited for one more train here this morning.

Pacific Surfliner 564 from the Tustin Ranch Road bridge. From here I headed to the Santa Ana train station to wait for Pacific Surfliner 563 to take me to Fullerton. I bought my Metrolink Saturday Pass and then sat waiting for my train. I took Pacific Surfliner 565 north to Fullerton for the quick trip there.

While I was in Fullerton, BNSF 7108 West went through town. I walked underneath the track at Harbor Blvd to Track 3 to wait for my first train ride of the day.

Metrolink 660 came into Fullerton to take me to Oceanside. On the way south I called the Lets Talk Trains show. I returned to Santa Ana on Metrolink 665 and then went home watching plenty of NHL Hockey. That night I asked my good friend and excellent Conductor Victor D'Agostino II to call me with what train the Amtrak 42 would be on in the morning and he agreed to do that for me.

12/1/2013 I got up early and after having a good breakfast drove down to Califia Beach at San Clemente. After paying for four hours of parking I started my walk by checking on the signal here. So I walked over to the pathway crossing and took a look.

I was surprised to find a yellow over red signal. Could something be coming south? I hiked to my favorite photo location complete with a bench and sat down enjoying the early morning sounds of surf crashing and California Sea Lions calling each other out on the rock they live on.

Views from my photo location this morning. That signal soon turned green and I knew Pacific Surfliner 763 would be my first train of the day. Victor texted me telling me that AmtraK 42 would be of Trains 566 and 777. Thank you Victor. I could now plan my day. Shot train pictures until Pacific Surfliner 566 then drive home. Later ride Metrolink to Fullerton and then ride Pacific Surfliner 774 home then go to Chestnut Street in Santa Ana for my picture of Amtrak 42 pushing Pacific Surfliner 774 northbound. Soon a headlight could be seen around the point to my south.

Pacific Surfliner 763 heading to Goleta was my first train of the morning.

Next came Pacific Surfliner 562 heading to San Diego. This train is one of my usual weekend rides to Oceanside to ride Metrolink on my Weekend Daily Passes.

Next along northbound was Pacific Surfliner 563 heading to Los Angeles.

I was enjoying this jogger as Metrolink 661 was approaching my photo location.

Next along was Metrolink 661 for Los Angeles. I also got to watch the kayakers and was enjoying them.

That was until the kayakers had problems returning to the shore.

Pacific Surfliner 564 with Victor aboard working went by my photo location next on the way to San Diego.

Metrolink 857 from San Bernardino heading to Oceanside went south next.

Pacific Surfliner 567 heading to Los Angeles.

Now Pacific Surfliner 566 would be next so I kept a keen eye out north.

I spotted the headlight of Pacific Surfliner 566 coming my way.

Pacific Surfliner 566 with Amtrak 42 the Veteran Unit came through Califia Beach at San Clemente State Beach. I drove back to Santa Ana and enjoyed some TV before my first train ride of the day.

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