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Niles Canyon Railway Winterail Photo Special 3/9/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Now we will do Photo Runby 3 in Niles Canyon.

Photo Runby 3 in Niles Canyon.

The engine did the back up move.

Photo Runby 4 in Niles Canyon. We then went down the track a short way for another two Photo Runbys but I choose to stay aboard the train and relax .

Once everyone is off we will back up the tracks.

The Photo Lines have been set up.

We backed west down the railroad.

Now we are heading for the Photo Lines.

The Photograhers were in action as we went by them on the train. We backed up for Photo Runby 6.

Some of those who stayed on the train during the Photo Runbys. Once that photo Runby was done the train headed back to Sunol.

Two views of Niles Canyon on the return trip to Sunol.

Views of the PLA's Brightside Yard.

The train through a pair of Semaphore Signals.

The train has returned us the Sunol. Here we all detrained.

One last view of Clover Valley Lumber 4 at Sunol. We left Sunol and headed to Pleasanton to Subway for lunch and one other last stop.

The Pleasanton Southern Pacific Station.

The Pleasanton sign board. From here we dropped Bob and Elizabeth off at the Bart Station so they could get to the Oakland Airport to fly home later this evening. Chris and I headed back towards Reedly on the most direct route we could find.

Along CA 180 we shot this scene. Last stop of this trip will be back at the Hillcrest Tree Farm to ride the train there.