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A Trip to San Clemente State Beach 7/11/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Caroline a good friend of mine who lives in San Clemente and I decided we would do some hiking along the beach and I could do some of my railroad photography as we spent time together. We had picked Tuesday but I came down with some stomach pains Monday night so we moved it to Thursday. I drove down to the Santa Ana train station seeing the message signs flashing and parked the car in the parking structure. I bought my round trip Metrolink ticket to San Clemente then went out to the platform. Here the signs said Train 600 would be 10-15 minutes late, then 20-30 minutes late and then 40-55 minutes late. I called Caroline and told her I would call her once I was on the train and at San Juan Capistrano. I heard the crossing gates and got the camera out.

My first train of the day was the 34 minutes late Pacific Surfliner 564 heading to San Diego. The AC told me about a dead Metrolink train at Buena Park causing a major delay this morning.

Next was the two minutes late Pacific Surfliner 565 for Los Angeles.

Metrolink 687 for Los Angeles came through next.

Metrolink 800 for San Bernardino came through Santa Ana next.

Finally Metrolink 600 arrived into Santa Ana 55 minutes late and I boarded for San Clemente. I called Caroline after we passed Pacific Surfliner 567 the only thing that could have delayed us north of Laguna Niguel and gave her the ETA of 10:21 AM at San Clemente. We pulled in and I got off the train finding a waiting Caroline with her three very nice dogs waiting for me. After a stop at the Water Store, we went to her house to drop off the car and her dogs. From here we took off on our hike this morning which took us first to the Trestles.

Pacific Surfliner 768 crossed the Trestles. From here we kicked off our shoes and walked along the surf.

Views of San Matoe Creek at Trestles. We continued south along the surf until we reached San Matoe Point where we walked down to dirt road under the San Onofre Creek bridge then up the road to the hill that overlooks that fantastic view. A call to Julie for Amtrak times was used due to late running trains running this morning.

The 30 minutes late running Pacific Surfliner 573 heading to Los Angeles.

View of the Pacific Ocean's surf from San Matoe Point. From here we walked to the north of the Life Guard Station there.

The 4 minutes late running Pacific Surfliner 572 for San Diego.

A State Park sign with information about Trestles Beach. From here we hiked back to Caroline's home and then got in her car with train time close for San Juan Capistrano, I decided to gain five minutes by going to Laguna Niguel. She got me there in plenty of time and I sat on a bench and waited for my train home.

Metrolink 802 for Riverside came into Laguna Niguel and I boarded for the quick trip back to Santa Ana.

Metrolink 802 for Riverside leaves Santa Ana and I drove home. A special thank you to Caroline for spending some time with me today.