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Photo Trips to San Diego County

by Chris Guenzler

AC Adam and I had planned to photograph trains in San Diego county but put off the date until I was done at Spurgeon Intermediate where I had subbed for the rest of the school year. Bill Compton wanted to go out and photographed trains and I suggested San Diego County and we picked Saturday June 15th for that trip. I did my homework of picking out photo locations so we would do Rose Canyon North. I called AC and we picked Friday June 14th and we would do Elvira to Old Town. I finished up the school year of Thursday before getting up early on Friday morning and after my morning chores I drove down to the Santa Ana train station to wait for my first train of the day.

Elvira to Old Town 6/14/2013

Metrolink 803 came into Santa Ana and I boarded the Bike Car for the trip to Oceanside. It was a quick trip and we arrived and I headed straight to the Coaster Ticket Machine that did not like my credit card but loved my 20 dollar bill and give me back nine dollar coins in return for a ticket. I made the Coaster 638 for the quick trip to Old Town where I detrained.

Coaster 638 heads to the Santa Fe Station in San Diego and I went down and under the tracks finding AC Adam who just pulled up. We went out to Pacific Highway north to Sea World Drive to Interstate 5 north to Mission Bay Drive to Santa Fe Street which we took to where it ended and parked. From here we walked along the bike trail to just north of Elvira where I set up for my first train. I did not take long for the train to show up.

Pacific Surfliner 599 at Elvira heading to Los Angeles this morning. We started to walk back to the car when I heard another train coming.

Pacific Surfliner 562 heading to San Diego. We walked back towards the car and found an excellent photo location on this cloudy morning.

Pacific Surfliner 769 for Los Angeles and Goleta came through next.

The quiet scene just south of Elvira.

Coaster 639 for Oceanside came through Elvira.

Pacific Surfliner 564 for San Diego came through next. From here we switched photo locations. We stopped at one but I did not like it so we moved on and drove along Moreno Blvd and spotted the bridge over Claremont Blvd. We made a left on Ingulf Street then left on Denver Street and then left on Claremont Drive where we parked and walked out onto the bridge.

Coaster 644 for San Diego came by first at Claremont Drive.

Pacific Surfliner 573 for Los Angeles was our next train at Claremont Drive. We next made our way back to Moreno Blvd went south to the Toys R US parking lot where we parked.

Pacific Surfliner 566 for San Diego came through CP Tecolote. After that we headed to the north bank of the San Diego River.

First a San Diego Trolley crossed the San Diego River.

Coaster 648 for San Diego crossed the San Diego River.

Pacific Surfliner 777 for San Luis Obispo crossed the San Diego River. From here we went back to Old Town and he waited with me until my Coaster 645 for Oceanside. There was plenty of trolley action in Old Town as we waited.

A Green Line Trolley for Santee came through Old Town.

Next a Green Line Trolley for 12th and Imperial came through. Pacific Surfliner 768 was running late and came in after I had boarded my Coaster Train.

Coaster 645 came into Old Town to take me to Oceanside this early afternoon. Once I was aboard I was reunited with Conductor Jeff who I had not seen since he left Amtrak in 2009 to work on the Coaster. We caught up on things and I had a good trip to Oceanside.

Coaster 645 arrived in to Oceanside and went out of service to go to CP Eastbrook to switch crews. I went to Burger King for lunch then went out to track 2 to wait for Metrolink 641 to take me home to Santa Ana.

Pacific Surfliner 774 came and left Oceanside for San Diego.

Coaster 654 for San Diego came back into Oceanside with a new crew from CP Eastbrook.

Pacific Surfliner 579 for Los Angeles came and left Oceanside while I waited.

Metrolink 641 came into Oceanside and I boarded the second old car for the trip back to Santa Ana. Special thanks to AC Adam for his driving he did today. Tomorrow Bill and I will return to San Diego County.

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