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A Sad Trip To Winterail 2013 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

We left Hillcrest Tree Farm and went west to Sanger and found our next train station.

The Southern Pacific Sanger Station which was moved to this site in Sanger and is a museum.

The station sign at Sanger.

The inside of the Sanger Museum which we visited. We then heard a train horn and were off for a chase. We found the train at Fairbanks Avenue.

The San Joaquin Valley Train at Fairbanks Avenue in Sanger.

I walked down a trail to take a pictures of the units the first being SJVR 3822. Then the train moved so I ran back to the grade crossing.

The train leaving Sanger heading west.

SJVR 3870.

SJVR 3029.

The train heading west. We went off in chase and got to the Leonard Ave grade crossing.

Our train at the Leonard Ave grade crossing.

Our train heading west towards Fresno. We drove to our next stop in Lone Star. Here we checked in and gave a donation for their school and got called "Depot Spotter" then went outside for all the pictures we wanted.

Santa Fe Caboose 999362 on display.

The Santa Fe Lone Star station.

Santa Fe telephone booth.

Other things on display.

A San Luis Obispo Fire Truck. From here we drove to Clovis for our last station of the day.

The Southern Pacific Tarpey Station in old Clovis.

The station sign.

Three more views of the Southern Pacific Tarpey Station.

The bay windows.

The history of the Southern Pacific Tarpey Station.

This station now is the Clovis Tourist Information and Visitor Center. From here we went to Madera for lunch and then followed the old Santa Fe north making our next stop in Le Grand.

The Santa Fe Le Grand Station. We got out of Le Grand then saw a headlight coming so we pulled off the road.

San Joaquin Train 714 just west of Le Grand. We made it only to Planda and saw another train coming our way.

BNSF 7008 East at Planda. From here we went into Merced and spotted another headlight coming our way.

BNSF 5004 East at Merced. We started driving again but took a picture out of the front windshield.

Blooming trees in Merced. We continued north on J7 heading to Empire.

We caught BNSF 5273 East at Hughson.

We stopped at the grain elevator north of Denair for the RPRX 5405. From there we headed to Modesto and a stop at the M&ET Shop.

M&ET 2001.

M&ET 2006.

M&ET 2005 returning to the shops. From here we made it back to CA 99 and headed straight to Stockton. We came to a Caltrans sign that read "Phone in one hand ticket in the other". I held up my cell phone and said "Where is my ticket?" A few more miles north on CA 99 the same message on another sign I did the same thing but this time it rang. It was my mother calling to tell me that my sister Laura had died. We talked for a few minutes after I had told Chris, Bob and Elizabeth what had happened. Nearing Stockton traffic stopped so we took surface streets the rest of the way to the Scottish Rite Temple and parked the car and headed in.

Railfan Magazine/NRHS Pizza Party and Slide Show.

For once we got here on time and I enjoyed a Coca-Cola as we waited for the doors to open to the theater. At 6:00 PM we entered the theater and the shows began. Drew Jacksich started off the evening with "Southern Pacific in Central and Southern California". Next Paul Jansson gave us a "Quarter Century of Beaumont Hill". That was followed by Elrond Lawrence showing "Southern California in the 1980's and 1990's". Mike Pechner showed "Northwestern Pacific to the Eureka Southern". That was followed by Efstathios I. Pappas showing "Santa Cruz Portland Cement #2". Steve Crise gave us "Railfans and their Cameras". Steve Barry presented "Across the River visiting Eastern Pennsylvania." Rob Leachman showed "Milwaukee Road in the Bitteroots". Chris Guenzler then showed his "A Year of Trains in the life of Chris Guenzler 2012". He dedicated it to his Sister Laura who had died earlier today. The final program was by Ken Stanfield on "Ecuador 2008". It was a great night of photography and we all went back to the Red Roof Inn, checked in and called it a night.

3/9/2013 We met at the rental car then went to Perkos for an excellent breakfast. We stopped by Stockton Crossing for a few minutes before we headed to Winterail.

Winterail 2013 35th Anniversary

We went inside the swap meet where I bought a new Chessie System DVD that was not ready but would be shipped to me later in the week. I also bought some Public Railroad Timetables from the Pennsylvania Railroad, Wabash Railroad, Norfolk and Western Railway and Canadian National Railway and some slides plus a Western Pacific T-shirt. I then started the line to get into the show and called Let's Talk Trains and gave my weekly report. The doors opened at 11:00 AM and I saved us four excellent seats. I then went outside for a Tri-Tip sandwich and talked with many of my friends. At Noon it was the Pre-show announcements. At 12:10 PM the first show was "The Great East Coast Alco Show" by Steve Sloan. Next was a DVD called "Hidden Wonders of the World" by Bill George. The next show was "Rails through the Big Woods" by Elwood White. That was followed by "DR&GW Marysvale Branch by Keith Ardinger. After that we had "The Amazing Story of Santa Fe's RDC Cars by Ed Saalig. The last afternoon show was "Hauptbahnhof- Railroads of Germany" by Bruce Blackadar. We stayed for the Three Favorites before we headed to Perkos for dinner where I had a very good steak. After dinner we went down to Stockton Crossing and had one eastbound BNSF stack train. After dinner we had the Photo Contest winners and Winterail Hall of Fame Winner was Shirley Burman. She is the first woman to win this award and she and Dick were the first husband and wife team to win that award. The first evening program was "Sierra Journey's" by Shirley Burman and Richard Steinheimer. After that it was "Passenger Train Fan Trips" by Gordon Glattenberg. The next show was "Requiem for a Simple Land - North Dakota" by Robert Scott. The final show was "Forty Years and Counting" by Vic Neves. After another day and evening of great programs we returned to the Red Roof Inn for the night.