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First Trains into the new ARTIC Anaheim Train Station 12/6/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I rode by this structure on the train as it was being built many time and its opening was announced for December 6, 2014. My plan was to drive to Fullerton, passing it on California Highway 57, then board Pacific Surfliner 562 for the short trip to Anaheim. I would have an hour to look around before taking Pacific Surfliner 763 back to Fullerton then home to host Let's Talk Trains. Now let us see if it works.

12/6/2014 Below you can read about the new station.

ARTIC's Vision

ARTIC's vision is to transform travel and deliver memorable experiences through an iconic, ingeniously-designed hub that centralizes transportation, choice dining, specialty shopping, unique events and convenient access to all of Southern California's renowned destinations.

About ARTIC - Let's Go!

Located in the City of Anaheim between Honda Center and Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is the premier transportation hub in Southern California offering a unique variety of transit, dining, retail and entertainment options in one convenient location. ARTIC is an iconic, LEED Platinum design hub that brings together the services of OCTA, Metrolink, Amtrak, Anaheim Resort Transportation, shuttles, taxis, bikes, tour and charter buses, and other public/private transportation providers. The 67,000 square foot hub, managed and leased by Lincoln Property Company, benefits residents, local businesses, commuters and visitors by offering increased mobility and convenient access to renowned attractions throughout Anaheim and Southern California. In addition to providing expanded public transportation options, ARTIC is a destination for all that offers amenities like transit oriented retail, specialty dining, Wi-Fi and charging stations, parking, bike racks and lockers, as well as community space for the public to enjoy. ARTIC is also 'Buy America Compliant', meaning the building materials are proudly manufactured in the United States. ARTIC will open to the public on December 13, 2014 - Let's Go! For more information about ARTIC, visit or follow us at and

What will ARTIC offer commuters?

ARTIC offers a variety of transit options in one central location, affording commuters convenient access to all of Southern California while reducing their carbon footprint. Providing a unique selection of dining and retail options, ARTIC enhances your commuter experience whether you're heading to work or grabbing a meal with coworkers on the way to your final destination. Also, with direct access to the adjacent Santa Ana River Trail and on - site bicycle parking and amenities, ARTIC is a convenient gathering point for bike commuters.

What will ARTIC offer residents and local area workers?

ARTIC provides Southern California residents with the ultimate experience in transit, dining, retail and entertainment at an affordable price. Experience architectural excellence by dining in this extraordinary, ingeniously designed hub that offers a comfortable, engaging environment. Local residents and workers can take a train, bus, taxi or bike to ARTIC and gain quick, stress - free access to local landmarks such as Disneyland Resort, Angels Stadium of Anaheim, Honda Center, the Platinum Triangle, the Anaheim Convention Center and more. Relying on ARTIC, you can save money on parking fees and gas, avoid crowded parking lots, and enjoy pre - event and post - event activities worry free. ARTIC delivers and connects you with memorable experiences throughout Southern California.

The Trip

I drove up to Fullerton and pulled into the south side parking lot.

The Fullerton station very early in the morning.

We have a green signal.

BNSF 7469 West came through as I waited.

My ticket for this Fullerton-to-Anaheim round trip.

Pacific Surfliner 562 arrived and I boarded for the short six-minute trip and my conductor scanned my ticket at the door. I walked to the Cafe Car and stayed here, talking with the Head Conductor who let me off at the Pacific Business Class door where I was the first passenger to step off the train at the new Artic station in Anaheim. I walked towards the front of the train, meeting Cliff Prather there.

Pacific Surfliner 562 at Artic Anaheim station.

Pacific Surfliner 562 left Anaheim as the first train to stop at this new station.

Now Cliff and I would take our first trip inside the new Artic station.

We took the elevator up, noticing the flooring had yet to be installed.

Next we took this walkway to reach the building.

You must pass through these doors to get inside the station.

The inside waiting area with bathrooms on this level.

Now we would walk down to the second level.

Future retail shops and more bathrooms are on this level.

This is how you reach the lowest level.

Ritter's will be an Oyster Bar in the new station.

To the Trains up these stairs or escalators.

At the end of the hallway under the stairs are the station offices.

The Amtrak ticket area of the station.

The bus ticket area of the station.

A future store will be in this area.

Outside these doors are Bus Bays 1-5.

Outside these doors are Bus Bays 11-13.

The Main Entrance in front of the Artic station.

Front views.

Bus Bays 1-5.

Bus Bays 11-13.

The SPX ticket machine.

The hallway out to Bus Bays 6-10.

Cliff Prather and I sat at this table and talked before walking back to the bridge over the tracks.

We walked back to the tracks stopping for this picture showing the Honda Center across Katella Avenue.

These views show where the Metrolink ticket machines are located.

Pacific Surfliner 564 arrived at Artic Anaheim station just as Pacific Surfliner 763 was arriving. Pacific Surfliner 564 had the cars of LA Rail's Troop Train on the rear, with Amtrak 184 pushing today.

Pacific Surfliner 763 arrived to pick me up. My conductor Lucia scanned my ticket then we had a nice talk as we made our way to Fullerton where I detrained and made my way to the bridge over the tracks.

Pacific Surfliner 763 leaveing Fullerton for Goleta. I returned home to host Let's Talk Train this morning.