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The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and NRHS Banquet Part 2 June 13, 2014

by Chris Guenzler

Still on my way to the Butterfly House and Pavilion.

The Education Cottage. I went inside the Butterfly House and Pavilion.

Inside the Butterfly House and Pavilion.

Butterflies. I left the Butterfly House and Pavilion and headed next to the Shade Garden.

My journey to the Shadow Garden.

Views from the Shade Garden. Next I made my way to the Ozark Native Garden.

Views of the Ozark Native Garden. Now I walked to the Sensory Garden.

The views of the way to the Sensory Garden.

I arrived at the Sensory Garden.

The views of the Sensory Garden. My last garden would be the Rock & Water Garden.

The views of the Rock and Water Garden. I went back inside thanking them my visit and drove back to the motel to work on the Fort Smith story and cleaned up before I drove to the Holiday Inn for the NRHS Banquet.

The NRHS Banquet 6/13/2014

The event starts with the Social Hour.

Views of the Social Hour. Next they opened the door and we went to our tables in my case Table 12 where I was joined by Skip Waters along with Ted and Pam Picraux both males are envoled with Lets Talk Trains like me.

The Mayor of Springdale welcomed to his town.

Bart Jennings welcomed us all the home state of Arkansas.

Bud Pulling did the evening dinner prayer.

Greg Molloy, President of the NRHS, welcomed us all to Arkansas.

My table at the NRHS Banquet.

Greg Molloy spoke about the NRHS.

Al Weber spoke about the two Railcamps Wilmimgton, Delaware and Tacoma, Washington.

Al Weber and Greg Molloy. Plates were passed around and over $1000 were raised for next years Railcamp.

Bart and Sarah Jennings got praise for all their hard work putting togethe the last three NRHS Conventions: Iowa, Alaska and Arkansas.

Bart Jennings always gives us great information. Bart praised me for my stepping up and helping run the Branson Belle Showboat Trip.

Sarah Jennings was given praise for all her help putting together and working these condition.

Bart Jennings and Brenda Rouse.

Brenda Rouse, Passenger Train Operations Manager, spoke next to our group.

J Reilly McCarren, Chairman of the Board of the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad was our Keynote Speaker tonight. he answered questions at the end of his talk.

Perry Martel who works for the Vermont Rail System talked about them hosting new year's NRHS 2015 Convention in Rutland, Vermont.

Greg Molloy and Perry Martel. That was the end of the NRHS 2014 Convention Banquet. I found the quickest way back to my motel and then worked on the Fort Smith story as I watched Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. It was 2-1 New York Rangers at the start of the 3rd Period. The Kings scored to tie the game. It took two overtime period before Alec Martinez scored thus giving the Los Angeles Kings their second Stanley Cup in three years. I went to bed a very happy LA Kings fan.

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