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Union Pacific 4014 next move towards West Colton 1/26/2014

by Chris Guenzler

After a short night following a great NHL Stadium Game at Dodger Stadium and a very late night returning home, the alarm went off at 5:30 AM and I thought to myself, "What the hell are you doing?" I showered and fixed a light breakfast before heading out to the car. I drove up to the Covina Metrolink Station and parked in the parking structure to the west. I walked over to the Covina Metrolink Station and walked down the south platform.

Here I found the Union Pacific Southern Pacific Heritage Unit SD70ACE 1996.

Next to it was the reason I came here, the Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 4014.

On the east end was Union Pacific SD70M 4884. Here I ran into Bruce Jacobs and Dale among a bunch of other people I knew. This event was really popular with many Railfans I knew.

Here you can see the Union Pacific Steam Crew preparing the engine for today's trip to West Colton via Bassett.

The chalked Big Boy on the nose of the Union Pacific 4014.

The USA Flag is attached to the front of the Union Pacific 4014.

Those Union Pacific Steam Crew members sure do a fantastic job with all of their steam engines the railroad still has.

It is Union Pacific 4014 at 6:51 AM this morning at Covina.

The Union Pacific 4014 with today's date on the message board at Covina.

Three views of the Union Pacific 4014 at Covina.

The Union Pacific 4014 with 4014 in the Metrolink massage board at Covina. I walked to the north side to see what was going on as I waited for the sun to rise on this Sunday morning.

Metro and Metrolink made a neat sign that was hung on one side of the tender.

There were plenty of people who came to see the Union Pacific 4014 on this unique Sunday morning in Covina. I returned to the south platform as the lighting improved.

Looking east at this unique consist at Covina.

The Union Pacific Steam Crew sure uses their time wisely.

The sunlight has hit the Union Pacific 4884.

The Union Pacific 4014 is bathed in that sweet early morning light at Covina.

The cab of the Union Pacific 4014.

Union Pacific Southern Pacific Heritage Unit SD70ACE 1996.

The Union Pacific 4014 is waiting for its time to move.

Photographer's shadows on the fence between the tracks.

Union Pacific 4884 is sitting in the bright sunlight on this Sunday morning.

My last shot of the Union Pacific 4014 at the Covina Metrolink station. I ran into Bob Riskie down from Bend, Oregon to see the Union Pacific 4014. From here I ventured to the roof of the parking structure and waited for it to move. Chris Parker was now here and would meet me up here after the train started moving. There is a train to be used. The final consist will be Union Pacific SD40N 1596 and 1739, Covered Hoppers SOXX 32964, SOXX 34304, TILX 33020, TILX 33435, SOXX 32950, SOXX 32259, TILX 34320, TILX 33034, SOXX 32995. TILX 33017, Union Pacific SD70ACE 1996, Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 4014 and Union Pacific SD70M 4884. With a great view looking towards the Covina Metrolink Station I knew it would not be long until the big show of the day would be taking place.

The Union Pacific 1996 headlight came on.

They would head west to couple up to this consist before heading to Bassett and then West Colton.

The move then started with the Union Pacific 1996 bringing the UP 4014 and 4884 with her. After that I moved to the other end of the parking structure and would now wait while the standing air test, etc was being done by the train crew.

The Union Pacific power on the west end of the train.

Union Pacific SD-40M 1739.

The crew returned to the cab and the trip was about to start. With a toot of the horn the train started forward.

The Union Pacific 4014 leaves Covina behind heading to the next stop in Bassett. Chris Parker would meet me at Bassett and I went back to my old favorite spot for shooting the Santa Fe 3751 on its trips from San Bernardino. Chris met me here and we walked down a little ways hiding behind some small palm trees that were here. When the train came we popped up, and shot these pictures here at Bassett.

The Union Pacific 4014 is taking that curve at Bassett that with lead it the Sunset Route mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad. Chris Parker followed me to our next photo location on the Valley Blvd Bridge over the Sunset Route in La Puente.

First a Union Pacific westbound freight arrived to switch out cars. When he was done, the crew was out on the front of their locomotive waiting for the Union Pacific 4014 to pass by heading east. We then saw the train coming slowly our way.

With the train heading underneath us and us having gotten some great picture today, Chris and I decided we would break off the chase. I headed home having a can of Coca-Cola to keep me awake on my way home. I gassed up the car then headed home to write the Hockey Game story and then this one. A tired Chris got to bed early this night but it had been two great days of my life.