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A train trip to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Legends Show at the Honda Center of Anaheim 7/26/2014

by Chris Guenzler

With the death of Ray Burns in Missouri, I needed something to cheer me up so I bought a ticket to the 11:30 AM Matinee on Saturday July 26, 2014. I have not been to the circus since my days working at Camp Viejo but always had to watch the kids so I never got to really enjoy the whole circus experience. Since I would be doing this solo, now I would get to experience the whole circus experience. I slept in and following a good breakfast I drove down to the Santa Ana train station to take Pacific Surfliner 565 to Anaheim. I walked over to Track 1 to wait.

Metrolink 857 came and left from Santa Ana.

Next came the Pacific Surfliner 565 and I boarded the Amfleet train for the quick trip to Anaheim.

The new Anaheim Transportation Center is getting closer to being finished.

I detrained at Anaheim and enjoyed a Coca-Cola before I walked down the new sidewalk to the Honda Center stopping for a few more pictures.

The new Anaheim Transportation Center.

I arrived at the Honda Center. I finished my walk then sat in the shade under the overhang of the pond. Near 10:00 AM I walked back to form the line to get in after I had bought a Circus Program. I called Lets Talk Trains and gave my report about the death of Ray Burns. At 10:30 AM I headed into the Honda Center.

Where I bought my program. I used the restroom then went up to Section 410 Row B seat 10. I wished I had this seat for the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Games here.

The Ringmaster announces the start of the Pre-Show Experience.

One of the Hair Hangers did her thing.

Next it was an Animal act.

That was followed by a juggler.

They had a private area for people with those tickets.

Next the dancer asked people to join them in their dancing.

Next the magical diabolos.

Another view of the private area for people with those tickets.

Women on unicycles was next.

Finally an Asian Elephant painted two pictures while a clown tried to paint a pair. This finished the Pre-Circus Experience. Now I would take a fifteen minute break before the Main Events would start. A trip to the restroom and then I got to watch the setting up that takes place before the Main Event.

The Main Event

Right on schedule at 11:30 AM the music started and the Greatest Show on Earth began.

The Ringling Bros. Clown Alley started the show.

The Ringmaster was Johnathan Lee Iverson.

Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson sang the Star Spangled Banner. Next the Circus Parade would begin.

The Circus Parade was in full swing.

In the middle of the Circus Parade Paulo Dos Santos made his first appearance. Now back to the Circus Parade.

We have reached the end of the Circus Parade. Now let the acts begin.

The Two Wheel Wonders from the China National Acrobatic Troupe was a very interesting first act today.

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