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Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Blue Unit Circus Train to and from San Diego

by Chris Guenzler

Carl had not returned but he showed me how to turn on his camera. Metrolink 641 had gone by and after about 8 minutes I saw a BNSF unit coming north into view. Finally the circus train was on its way by our photo location. I turned on Carl's camera then set up for my own pictures.

It was sure worth the wait as the Circus Train looked great going by me at Trestles Beach. I turned off Carl's camera then started packing up our gear when Carl returned. We walked back towards the cars but Carl decided to visit the Trestles so I headed back to the car. I had no traffic until Tustin Ranch Road where I took surface streets home. It had sure been a great day of watching trains along the shores of the Pacific Ocean today.