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A visit to Cajon Pass 12/27/2014

by Chris Guenzler

Bill and Maryann Compton picked me up at 6:00 AM and we headed out to Colton on our way to Cajon Pass.

Union Pacific 7984 East at Colton coming off the BNSF mainline.

Union Pacific 4879 East at Colton on the Colton Flyover. From here we went to West Colton Yard.

Union Pacific 8002 with Norfolk Southern 2648 and 8964 at West Colton. From here we drove into Cajon Pass to CP Walker on a very cold winter morning.

CP Walker in Cajon Pass.

Union Pacific 7675 East at CP Walker.

Union Pacific 8749 East with CSX 8785 ay CP Walker.

Union Pacific 8775 East with Canadian National 5682 and 5562 plus CSX 8706 at Sullivans Curve. A eastbound BNSF train came flying up the grade around our train.

Driving along the train. We got ahead of him and stopped.

Union Pacific 8775 East near the CA 138 bridge. From here we headed east on CA 138 and took the dirt road north to the tracks and parked. We hiked to a hill just to the west.

A Union Pacific westbound headed down the grade. Just then an eastbound UP cutoff train came down Cajon Pass. With the eastbound BNSF train stopped and our eastbound UP train coming, a first time every mainline in Cajon Pass had a train on it that I have seen.

Union Pacific 8775 East below CP Silverwood. I called Lets Talk Trains after this train had run by us. From here we drove to CP Silverwood.

There we found a headstone that read, "In fond memory of ML "Jack Guinn" #1 ATSF Engineer LA Division 50 Years Sept 21, 1919 Jan 26, 2009 Father-Husband-Friend We love you man."

BNSF 4096 West at CP Silverwood.

BNSF 8877 East at CP Silverwood.

BNSF 7826 East at CP Silverwood.

Union Pacific 8878 East at Silverwood.

BNSF 5275 West at CP Silverwood. From here we headed to get some lunch. We tried McDonald's at Cajon Jct but it was too busy and long lines at the bathrooms. From there we went to Colton to McDonald's to get lunch.

BNSF 6595 West at Colton. From here we went over to photograph a station.

Colton Union Pacific Station. Believe it or not this is my first time I have ever shot this station. We went by Union Pacific West Colton Yard before heading home. It had been a great day of railroad photography with Bill and Maryann Compton.