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A Trip to the Horseshoe Bend to see a late Southwest Chief 1/11/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I got up, checked the Amtrak status of the Southwest Chief learning that it was due into Riverside at 10:47 AM, over five hours late. I drove out to the Horseshoe Bend and parked under the shade of the BNSF bridge. I hiked up the Bridle Trail to my photo location and opened up a Coca-Cola. My wait for a train was not long this morning.

BNSF 7317 East was the first train of the morning.

BNSF 6986 West a baretable train came next beneath my photo location and stopped.

BNSF 7058 East came by next.

BNSF 6986 West then left heading west.

BNSF 6937 East with DPU's on the rear end of this train.

BNSF 7044 East came through next.

BNSF 7870 West came beneath me next.

BNSF 6593 West came through next.

Metrolink 859 for Oceanside came through next. I called Lets Talk Trains, the Internet Radio Show. Please listen to last week's show with CN Dispatcher David Smetko as my guest {1/4/2014 Show}. You will learn a lot.

BNSF 7539 West was the next train.

BNSF 7656 West came through next.

Next came the BNSF light engine move with BNSF 7526 and 6999.

Then came the BNSF track inspector in his hi-rail truck.

BNSF 7854 East was nearing the Southwest Chief time but cleared before he arrived.

The late running Southwest Chief Train 3 rounded the Horseshoe Bend and with that done I headed home.