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A Trip to Hill 582 in Cajon Pass 9/20/2014

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton picked me up at 6:08 AM and I knew the Amtrak 184 was on the Southwest Chief this morning. We drove out to Corona exiting the Riverside Freeway to McKinley Avenue where we took Sampson Avenue west to Radio Road where we crossed the BNSF mainline and parked in a lot.

BNSF 7724 East was sitting at May this morning waiting on a crew.

The Southwest Chief with Amtrak 184 trailing came west through May. We got back on the Riverside Freeway and when we got to Interstate 215 we found out the freeway was closed. It would have been nice if Caltrans had used their freeway signs to tell us about this well in advance. We exited at Center Street after creeping forward for twenty minutes then went west on East La Cardena Drive back to Columbia Avenue to Main Street which turns into Riverside Drive which we took to East Slover Ave to Pepper Street where we found the Union Pacific West Colton Yard dead. From here we headed to Cajon Pass where we headed to Hill 582. On the way there we had a train coming up behind us so we pulled over and stopped for pictures.

BNSF 7777 East at the old Tunnel 1 location. From here we drove to Hill 582. We parked and we had a westbound train coming.

BNSF 4035 West at Hill 582.

Highway 138 sure has curves. Next we heard a train coming up the 3% grade south track.

Union Pacific 7419 East climbing the grade.

BNSF 7873 East at Hill 582.

BNSF 5320 West at Hill 582.

BNSF 8061 West at Hill 582.

BNSF 8209 East at Hill 582.

BNSF 6528 West at Hill 582.

BNSF 1034 West at Hill 582.

This Cumulus Cloud had rotation in it and it vanished right in front of me. From here we drove down to Kennebrook where we found the last train now sitting here.

BNSF 1034 West at Kennebrook.

Union Pacific 8160 East at Kennebrook. From here we headed to Cajon Blvd and made a stop near the south end of it.

BNSF 7243 East along Cajon Blvd in San Bernardino. From here we drove over to Pepper Street.

GATX 7000 at their plant in West Colton. We returned home and I gave Bill one of my 2015 Chris Guenzler Train Travel Calendars. It had been another great trip to Hill 582 in Cajon Pass.