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La Plata Spring 2014 Railfan Event Day 2 4/7/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I arose at 6:15 AM and after getting some breakfast, worked on yesterday's story before I met John and Christy in the lobby; Winston was not feeling very well. We headed out of La Plata on Missouri Highway 156 to Missouri Highway 3, to Route J and at Elmer, found a train slowly coming our way.

BNSF 6831 East at Elmer. From here we took Route J to Route F to Missouri Highway 149 to Beaver Street, then turned left on Bayport Avenue to the new second bridge west of Ethel. This bridge has fencing on it and someone had already cut out a porthole.

Christy and John on the new bridge.

Union Pacific 8108 East at the Bayport Avenue bridge. From here we went south on Bayport Avenue, turned left on Bison Street to Route VV to the third bridge west of Ethel.

BNSF Ferromex 4696 East at the third bridge west of Ethel.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief Train 4. We then drove Route VV to Route Z and went to Anchor Avenue, which was closed, so we went back to the Route Z grade crossing.

BNSF 1043 West at Route Z.

BNSF 4458 East.

One last view of BNSF 1043 West. From here we took Route Z to Bugle Avenue to Apple Street, to Newton Road to Missouri Highway 129 to Meadow Road.

The Santa Fe signal bridge at Meadow Road.

BNSF 8108 West. We returned to Missouri Highway 129 taking it to US Highway 36 to Monaco Drive to the Lisbon Road grade crossing.

BNSF 4599 East. We then drove to Casey's in Marceline before returning to the first bridge west of Ethel.

My group on that bridge.

BNSF 4752 West with Canadian Pacific Railway leased power at the first bridge west of Ethel.

BNSF 6554 West. From here we headed back to La Plata.

BNSF 9060 West at La Plata. We then visited Shivam along with Bob and Amy Cox at Train Party before returning to the Depot Inn & Suites.

I finished the last story then found out another member of our group arrived last night and met Gary Lutes in the lobby and offered to take him and Winston out to see some trains. Maria told me to take the van to make it easier on Winston which we did. I took them first to Santa Fe Lake, then the bell at the crossing on Archer Lane then out to the old bridge west of Gibbs where we had a train in sight to the east.

BNSF 5821 West at the old bridge west of Gibbs.

BNSF 4392 East. We relocated to the bridge east of Gibbs.

BNSF 7016 East.

Union Pacific 6015 in a light rain. The three of us returned to the Depot Inn & Suites and at 5:30 PM, Winston, Christy, John and I drove north to Kirksville to Ruby Tuesday's where I had an excellent steak then returned to the hotel and I finished the story of what we did today then took a sauna bath before calling it a night.