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La Plata Railfan Event Day 3 4/8/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I awoke at 5:45 AM and after my morning preparations, printed the corrections that Elizabeth sent me and put them in the story from yesterday before I had my breakfast. I ran the disc cleaner through the CD player in the rental car, met everyone in the lobby and we drove out to the town of Revere.

BNSF 6988 West from Route C bridge in Revere. From here we went to the next bridge just west of our previous location.

Here I did me and my shadows.

Christy Walker, John Green and Gary Lutes at this bridge. Winston was still not feeling up to much so stayed at the hotel.

BNSF 6932 West at the bridge just west of Revere. From here we stopped Casey's before getting on US Highway 136 west to Medill.

This train, BNSF 8206 East, was sitting dead in the siding so we continued west to Route BB south to where it turned west, but went straight to the old bridge here.

Christy and John at the old bridge west of Medill.

BNSF 7487 East.

BNSF 7046 West. We then drove Route BB to where it ended, stayed straight to where it became a T-junction and then went south to the old bridge east of Wyaconda.

BNSF 7533 East. Our next stop was at the old bridge west of Wyaconda.

BNSF 5515 West. Then it was to the old bridge west of Rutledge.

The BNSF had the north track out of service and a maintenance truck came down the closed mainline.

BNSF 6622 East at the old bridge west of Rutledge. A stop was made in Edina for a bathroom break then we resumed our journey, taking Route P to the road to the old bridge west of Baring.

BNSF 7631 West. From here we took Route P back east to Kenwood Road to the BNSF mainline at Kenwood.

Union Pacific 8530 East. We proceeded to Kirksville where I learned that KFC had closed so I went to Wing Thing to get some chicken to go before driving back to the Depot Inn & Suites. I wrote the story then relaxed the rest of the day, watched "NCIS" then took my sauna bath and called it a night.