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2014 La Plata Spring Railfan Event Day 4 4/9/2014

by Chris Guenzler

After having waffles for breakfast, I stopped at the Bank of La Plata ATM before meeting the group at 6:40 AM and soon John, Christy and I were off for Marceline where our first stop was the Pioneer Road grade crossing. We did not have long to wait.

Me and my shadows.

BNSF 6984 East at the Pioneer Road Crossing. From here we headed out west from Mendon.

A BNSF DPU at Route E. We took that road out to Missouri Highway 11 south to Route BB to Whitham Avenue where we set up for pictures.

BNSF 6984 East at the Whitham Avenue grade crossing. From here we drove to the Atchison Avenue grade crossing.

BNSF 6552 East here. Our next stop was at Snyder Avenue grade crossing.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief Train 4, after which we headed east to Porche Prairie Road.

The old Wabash grade with the underpass under the BNSF still there today.

BNSF 5745 East at the Route 113 grade crossing also known as Porche Prairie Road. We relocated to the Newhall Road grade crossing.

BNSF 6806 East here. We moved to Route JJ grade crossing west of Marceline.

BNSF 6806 East. On the move again, we set up at the Bristol Road grade crossing.

BNSF 6514 East. From here we went east to the Long Branch Road grade crossing.

West Marceline and the old Santa Fe signal bridge.

New rail waiting to be installed with the code SDI USD 6093910-504 136RE.

West Marceline.

BNSF 6952 East at the Long Branch Road grade crossing in West Marceline.

The nice farmer who waited for me to take my pictures before spraying his land. We stopped at Casey's before starting back to La Plata.

BNSF 5154 East at the Missouri Highway 129 grade crossing.

BNSF CN 5793 West.

BNSF 6568 East at the Route Z grade crossing. We then continued our way back to La Plata but stopped along the way.

BNSF 5154 East at the Missouri Highway 5 bridge. An extra stop was made at the CR Market and we dropped something off for Winston at the hotel before starting out to the old bridge west of Gibbs.

BNSF 6568 East at the Route E bridge. From here we went out to the old bridge west of Gibbs.

Union Pacific CSX 69.

BNSF 4976 West. We then returned to the hotel drop off John and Christy before I went to Trainparty.

Union Pacific 6812 West at La Plata. After that I returned to the Depot Inn & Suites to work on the story before going to Colton's Steakhouse in Kirksville. That ended the Spring 2014 La Plata Spring Railfan Event. I relaxed the rest of the evening then took a sauna bath and called it a night.