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2014 NRHS Convention Arkansas & Missouri Railroad - Springdale to Monett Round-trip 6/14/2014

by Chris Guenzler

My morning started by putting the corrections in my last story and I went to upload it and my Chris Trips page had disappeared from the usual folder I use. I searched and thought I found it but it was a July 2013 version. Panicked, I went to then to the Featured Stories and started to add stories back to the present. I finished and then checked out.

Now running late, I bought breakfast at the drive through window of McDonald's then took it to the train station and ate it during our Safety Meeting. I walked out to the boarding spot saying "Good Morning" to all my passengers before the train was spotted for loading. After everyone was onboard, I gave my safety talk then took the ticket stubs to Bart Jennings. I had an electric plug hanging behind my seat so I plugged in and worked on the Garden and Banquet story. The train left Springdale on time and I was busy working.

In Rogers is a replica Frisco station.

Santa Fe caboose 1533 built by American Car and Foundry in 1927, painted as St. Louis-San Francisco 1011, is also here. From here we ran north towards Monett and on the way there it was announced that there would be a photo runby of an Arkansas and Missouri grain train at Exeter if we arrived there first and had to go into the siding. Near Exeter I went to my door.

While we were waiting for the switch to be thrown, I took this picture unloaded the train and everyone walked to the south side of the road crossing and I joined the photo line.

Our train reversed across the road to clear the grade crossing.

The photo line I was in.

The waiting scene at Exeter.

The A&M grain train photo runby.

The reverse move of our train.

Photo runby of our train. We reboarded the entire train at my two doors of cars 105 and 106 and headed to Monett. Once we reached Purdy, I was on new rail mileage the rest of the way.

Scenes on the way to Monett.

The northwest leg of the wye.

Monett scene.

We reached the yard along the BNSF mainline here.

Looking out the south side of our train. Our engines ran around the train here before we started back.

Grain elevator.

View of Monett.

Two views of the former station platforms where I had photographed the BNSF train on this trip on Monday. I went to buy a T-shirt and A&M hat but could not get back to my car because a lady had fallen. The EMT took care of her and because of this, I was late in calling Let's Talk Trains. Time can get away from you on a trip like this.

The pond by the road where the train was stopped. We ran straight back to Springdale arriving there on time, unloaded the train and then I returned my NRHS radio and safety vest to Sarah Jennings in the dome car before walking back to my car and preparing to drive to Tulsa. I would like to thank the A&M Railroad, Brenda Rouse and her entire crew, Bart and Sarah Jennings, Greg Molloy, Steve Miller and our entire NRHS crews for all their help in making this another excellent NRHS convention.