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NRHS 2014 Convention Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Springdale to Mountainburg Photo Freight 6/10/2014

by Chris Guenzler

After lunch we returned to the station to get ready for the trip this afternoon.

The Consist

This train had Arkansas & Missouri C-420s 44 and 68, A&M box car 512, A&M hoppers 330, 1512 and 882, A&M gondola 625, open window coach 104, coaches 105 and 106 and diner 109.

The Trip

The safety meeting we have before each trip. We loaded the train and I gave another safety briefing to my passengers before we departed Springdale for Mountainburg.

These are my passengers who travelled with me as car host on this afternoon's trip. The train ran straight to Winslow Tunnel, stopped at the south portal and dropped us off.

The train at the south portal which was spotted for posed photos.

The first posed picture.

The second posed picture.

Our photo freight group.

The third posed picture.

The train crossed Trestle 1, also known as the Boston Mountain Viaduct 1, which is 125 feet high and 780 feet long. We stopped at the south end and unloaded for more posed pictures. I sent ten people at a time to first photograph on the right side of the tracks then move to the left side. I would shoot my pictures with the last group.

The right side view of our train on Trestle 1.

The left side views of our train. Once everyone was back on the train, the skies let loose with a heavy rain shower. We crossed Trestle 2, also known as the Boston Mountain Viaduct 2, which is 421 long and 110 feet tall before crossing Trestle 3, also known as the Boston Mountain Viaduct 3, and the rain stopped. We unloaded again for posed pictures and used the same method as before.

The right side view at Trestle 3.

The left side view. We reloaded the train and headed to our next photo runby at Schaberg.

Reverse move 1 at Schaberg.

Photo runby 1.

Reverse move 2.

Photo runby 2.

The station sign here.

Our group walking back to reboard the train then we made our way to Howard Fork of the Frog Bayou Bridge at MP 388.8 for our last posed and photo runby of the day.

Howard Fork of the Frog Bayou at MP 388.8 where we detrained and headed down to the water level for pictures.

Posed pictures here.

Reverse move.

Photo runby 1.

The walk back up to our train. We ran to Mountainburg where this fantastic photo freight trip ended then I led the way to the buses and boarded the first bus back. I saved Bart Jennings the front seat by me and the bus took us back to the Holiday Inn where I signed up for the banquet table before driving to Subway for dinner to go and returned to write the stories of today before going to bed early tonight.