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National Train Day 75th Anniversary of LAUPT and Fullerton Railroad Days 5/3/2014

by Chris Guenzler

My plan for this year's events at LAUPT and Fullerton first meant someone would have to host Lets Talk Trains for me and Elizabeth gladly did that. With that taken care of I needed a plan. Why not take Pacific Surfliner 763 to LAUPT and if we got there on time I would have at least 45 minutes to take my pictures and then take Pacific Surfliner 768 back to Fullerton to cover things there? I got my Amtrak tickets in advance then that morning I drove down to the Santa Ana train station and met Robin who watched my bag as I went to get my weekend pass for after Fullerton. Robin and I talked until I heard the horn and set up for my first pictures of the day.

Pacific Surfliner 763 pulled into Santa Ana. Robin and I sat in the cab car with almost all of it roped off for a group. The train stopped in Anaheim and Fullerton before it made its final sprint into Los Angeles. We detrained at LAUPT and started walking over to the railroad display here.

National Train Day 75th Anniversary of LAUPT 5/3/2014

The Southwest Chief train 3 brought Tom Anderson home to LAUPT so he could help with the LA Rail event at the National Train Day 75th Anniversary at LAUPT.

The Amtrak Exhibit Train is here at the National Train Day 75th Anniversary of LAUPT event.

Amtrak 42 Veteran Unit was on the Amtrak Exhibit Train.

The Los Angeles Live Steamers had four of their engines at this event at LAUPT.

Travel Town is Steaming Up was at this event.

The Railway Express Truck was at this event.

An old Police Car was at this event.

MTA Bus 5193 was at this event.

Amtrak 406 on the Amtrak Exhibit Train.

Metrolink had a display train here.

The inside of the Metrolink 208 Safety Car.

Pacific Harbor Lines 20 was on display here.

Union Pacific C45AH 8155 was on display here. Next the line of private cars.

The Patron Tequila Express 50.

The Tioga Pass.

The CB&Q Silver Splendor.

The Southern Pacific Overland Trail.

The Santa Fe Acoma.

The Santa Fe 2037 Palm Leaf.

The PRS National Forum.

The Utah.

Pennsylvania Railroad Colonial Crafts.

The Milwaukee Road Montana was the last private car in the line opened to the public today.

On the front of the Amtrak car display was Pacific Surfliner 453.

Pacific Business Class Car 6852 Elysian Park.

Amtrak Sleeper 32065.

Amtrak Pacific Parlor Car St Lucia Highlands 39973.

Amtrak Lounge Car 33019.

Amtrak Diner 38031.

Amtrak Coach 34045.

The end of the Amtrak Cars which will be open today.

Coming Home from World War II. From here Robin and I took a walk to see all the displays down in the station.

AJ was at the American Rail Passenger Heritage Foundation Booth.

The stage in the old Ticketing Area of the station. It was now time to head to Pacific Surfliner 768 to take me to Fullerton.

They have things here for kids of all ages.

The brand new Departure Boards at LAUPT.

The brand new Arrival Boards at LAUPT. I walked down the tunnel then up to Track 8 and I boarded the Superliner coach for my trip south to Fullerton. We left LAUPT right on time.

Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Car DOTX 211 was at the 8th Street Yard.

Amtrak 189 The Big Game Unit was at the 8th Street Yard.

A new San Francisco Cable warpped car at Redondo Jct.

Santa Fe 3751 has a rod problem so it was not at either National Train Day 75th Anniversary of LAUPT or Fullerton Railroad Days events. I called Lets Talk Trains then relaxed the rest of the way to Fullerton. I detrained but had one last picture to take.

Pacific Surfliner 768 at Fullerton. I walked to the other side via stairs at the Harbor Blvd BNSF bridge.

Fullerton Railroad Days 5/3/2014

BNSF 7125 West welcomed me to Fullerton Railroad Days. I picked up a Coca Cola at the Santa Fe Cafe then entered the grounds of Fullerton Railroad Days 2014. I checked in at the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation Booth and found Winston Walker here in the shade of the tent.

Disneyland Railroad Ernest S. Marsh Locomotive 4.

The hand car is here at Fullerton.

Kids enjoy the Garden Railroads here at Fullerton. Now I walked over to the Track 4 platform for the BNSF engines on display pictures.

BNSF 1301.

BNSF 170.

BNSF Signal Truck 22618. Now it was time to meet AC Adam.

BNSF 4370 East arrived just as Pacific Surfliner 567 arrived into Fullerton. I called Lets Talk Trains to tell them about Fullerton as I finally caught up to AC Adam inside the Fullerton Railroad Days grounds. We talked for a few minutes before Winston, Christy and I went over to Track 3 to wait for Metrolink 662 that took us to Oceanside to cool off. We returned north on Metrolink 665 with the two of them getting off at Tustin and then I got off at Santa Ana. Tomorrow back to Fullerton Railroad Days 2014.

Fullerton Railroad Days 5/4/2014

This morning I went to Oceanside on Pacific Surfliner 562. Just short of Oceanside we passed Pacific Surfliner 565 with the low level equipment with Amtrak Heritage Unit 145 as power. At Oceanside I switched to Metrolink 661 which I took to Fullerton Railroad Days. At Fullerton I met Steve Grande and we had a good conversation. Carl Morrison stopped by as did Cliff Prather of the Orange County Railroad Historical Society. The booth today had the newest wood carving by Jackie Hadnot.

His Super Chief Carving.

A closer look at the Super Chief Carving. Once I was done, I took Metrolink 662 back to Santa Ana. Knowing that Pacific Surfliner 572 with Amtrak 145 on the point, I headed over to the Chestnut Ave grade crossing and got set up. I met two local railfans here.

Pacific Surfliner 572 at Chestnut Ave. After that I headed home for the rest of the day.