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Santa Fe 3751 Westbound San Bernardino to LAUPT 4/13/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I returned a morning later than planned from St Louis after the La Plata Spring Railfan Event. I checked my E-mail before driving to the Red Roof Inn to pick up Elizabeth Alkire who came down from Lynnwood, Washington to ride the Santa Fe 3751 from San Bernardino to LAUPT in the Tioga Pass with me. We took Interstate 5 north into a major tie up on that freeway. We exited at Florence Blvd taking that west through Bell Gardens to the 710 Freeway which took us back to Interstate 5 to US 101 to Vignes Street and the parking in the MTA building parking lot. We walked up to Track 8B and the LA County Sheriffs only had one door open so they could check to see that everyone had a ticket. We took a seat at a table in the bike car and waited for departure at 12:10 PM on Metrolink train 362 to San Bernardino.

Elizabeth on Metrolink 362. The train made great time almost to San Bernardino.

BNSF 1323 at San Bernardino.

BNSF 129 and friends at San Bernardino.

The intermodel yard at San Bernardino.

BNSF 7757 and 6656 at San Bernardino.

Metrolink train 367 from Riverside into San Bernardino then onto Los Angeles.

Metrolink train 362 with leaded unit 18533 at San Bernardino.

Santa Fe 3751 with Metrolink 894, Metrolink 208 ôStay Alert, Stay Alive, Stay off the Tracks", Amtrak Great Dome 10031, Amtrak Amfleet 82620, Santa Fe 1370 Acoma and Tioga Pass.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at San Bernardino.

BNSF 1306 at San Bernardino. We went inside the station first getting our wrist bands for our trip on the Tioga Pass later today and then spent some time with my dear friend Chris Parker. We then went back outside to photograph the Tioga Pass that we would be riding on.

The Tioga Pass.

Elizabeth on the rear platform of the Tioga Pass. We then boarded the car sitting on the couch.

BNSF 6873 West came through San Bernardino.

BNSF 7740 East next came through San Bernardino.

BNSF 7396 West was next through San Bernardino.

Bob Riskie and Chris Parker at San Bernardino.

BNSF 6954 West at San Bernardino came through just as we were leaving San Bernardino.

At 3:00 PM exactly the Santa Fe 3751 started to leave San Bernardino for LAUPT.

We went by the BNSF 1306 and waved to all those people on the ground watching us leave San Bernardino.

There were far less people on the Mount Vernon overpass this year.

Far less people photographing us leaving San Bernardino.

The train started climbing the San Bernardino flyover.

The look back to San Bernardino.

Almost to the top of the San Bernardino flyover.

We then went down the west side of the San Bernardino flyover. I went back inside and sat on the couch just enjoying this ride inside. You could hear the whistle at all the crossings and I just relaxed the trip westbound.

We ran to Bassett then went into the siding. We let Metrolink 366 go by us east then sat and waited for Metrolink 369 to go by us west. Once we got a green signal we headed the rest of the way to LAUPT. Elizabeth and I detrained from the Tioga Pass two very happy people. We walked down to the front of the train for some final pictures of Santa Fe 3751.

Metrolink leased unit 18520 at LAUPT.

Santa Fe 3751 and train at rest at LAUPT in Los Angeles.

One last view of Santa Fe 3751 at LAUPT. After that we drove back down Interstate 5 to Santa Ana then went to The Habit where we got dinner for Elizabeth, myself and my mother. We got home, ate before watching the end of the Penguins/Senators game with the Pens losing in a shootout 3-2. We watched some TV before I drove Elizabeth back to the Red Roof Inn for the night. I returned home, got a good night sleep before picking Elizabeth up at 6:00 AM and driving her to Orange County Airport. I came home, did some chores, decided to write this story and went to work at my job at Heninger Elementary School in Santa Ana.