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A Trip to Cajon Pass 2/8/2014 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

The train action continues back in Sullivans Curve.

BNSF 4807 West came down next.

BNSF 7437 West came by the BNSF 4807 on the inside track.

BNSF 6921 West came through next.

BNSF 6747 West with DPUs 6707 and 5103.

Union Pacific 6840 West had DPUs 6204 and 5418. From here we went to two new spots I had never taken pictures from before.

BNSF 7728 West came down near where the Cajon Forest Service campground once was. We then relocated to another point further south.

Citirail 1012 west of Cajon. From here we decided to get more pictures of this engine. Next stop Verdemont.

BNSF helpers leaving Verdemont.

Citirail 1012 West at Verdemont. We headed next to see the Big Boy at West Colton.

The Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 at Union Pacific West Colton Yard

Here is the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 on the last weekend of display at the Union Pacific West Colton Yard. From here we headed home.